She’s Got Game: Meet Amanda Fernandez, The Editor-In-Chief Of The GAME

Athletics prowess meets editorial wits.

From the football field to the editing room, Amanda Fernandez is ready to use her decades of sporting experience to lead The GAME as their Editor-in-Chief.

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It is no secret that Filipinos love sports. No matter where you look, you will find some semblance of sporting culture in the country, whether it be in the intense fervor for volleyball games or casual basketball games among neighbors in side alleys. The country is also no stranger to producing world class athletes that have excelled in a variety of sports. From weightlifting, soccer, tennis, esports, pole vaulting, and much more, Filipinos can and have proven to do well in any kind of sport. This passionate love for all things sports is what The GAME is all about.

One Mega Group’s latest aspirational sports lifestyle magazine, The GAME is here to highlight and hero the Philippine sports world and all its diverse colors. With their recent launch, the brand is ready to showcase the many perspectives of Philippine sports. But every team needs a team captain to lead them to victory, and for The GAME, leading the brand is none other than Amanda Fernandez, who was recently appointed as Editor-In-Chief. Bringing her unique perspective and storytelling to The GAME, the athlete and entrepreneur is ready to elevate Philippine sports to the next level.


Like most Filipinos, Amanda Fernadez grew up with sports in her life. When she was 13, Amanda became a football athlete, representing the country in different international games. As she got older, she pivoted her love of the sport through being the owner and manager of football team Sikat FC from 2011-2015. The University of San Diego graduate is also the owner of Sparta Philippines, a training facility meant to help the next generation of athletes and non-athletes see the love of sport.

“Being in this position is but another way for me to give back to sports for what it did for me growing up,” she shares. Given her background in sports, from athlete to owner and everything in between, Fernandez is brining a unique POV to the brand. “Powerful stories is one of the best ways of replaying moments over and over again. Storytelling can make us believe the impossible.”

Under her leadership, The GAME won’t just cover who won and lost, but deep dive into the whole process it all, from the behind-the-scenes movements to giving a face to the athletes. “As a brand and as a platform, The GAME should be able to tell stories that inspire and build value holistically to both the sport itself, as well as players and the community that engage in it,” says the former football athlete. “By highlighting ideas, perceptions, and stories from unique and unbiased angles, we hope to build an honest community that respects all aspects of sports and healthy living.”


While the Philippines does love its sports, it also just love a select few of them. There are Filipinos who participate in dozens of sports, only a handful get the proper attention with the rest often going under the radar. For Fernandez, she is ready to change that and use the platform to give the whole community the recognition they deserve. “Athletes are but one component of a well-oiled machine that operates to change, inspire, and elevate communities. And we must celebrate all the pieces that come together to make historical moments be remembered one story at a time.”

She adds, “The GAME aims to fill the gaps I believe our sports community craves for in terms of storytelling and I could not be more excited to be part of a team that wants to not only tell stories but show love to every piece that builds on and is responsible for that great moment.”

The GAME is ready to show what sports is truly all about. With miles of stories from different perspectives waiting to be told, The GAME is posed to celebrate the different perspectives of Philippine sports in a new light. And Amanda Fernandez is very much ready to lead her team to do just that. Alongside Founding Publisher James Leonard Cruz, Amanda Fernandez is stepping up to the plate as The GAME’s Editor-in-Chief.

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