This Rookie Digital Platform Wants You To Get Your Head In The Game

Let the games begin.

Heroing the Filipino athletes and sports community, The GAME makes it clear that it is here to play for the win.

It is pretty much gospel at this point that the Filipinos are obsessed with its primary Bs: beauty pageants, boxing, and basketball. In fact, the Philippines, as bustling as it is, will rarely pull the breaks to a full stop in its pace, except of course, when it comes to the culmination of the aforementioned touch points of our rich, diverse, and storied culture. And while we’re not experts at math, it is clear that sports take the point advantage in the conversation. Even beyond boxing and basketball, two disciplines the country has earned glistening glory over the years, the country and its talented pool of athletes have clinched victories in their fields such as gymnastics, football, esports, pole vault, and weightlifting, the latter of which gave us a gold medal in the Olympics through the incomparable Hidilyn Diaz.

Intrinsically part of our heritage, as well as of surging in renewed interest over the course of isolation amid the pandemic, sports is a story that we will keep on talking about. To this account, One Mega Group, with its 31 years of sterling service and standard for Filipino media excellence, forays into the expansive landscape of sports entertainment and lifestyle with The GAME. The brainchild of James Cruz, the newest media brand aims to serve aspirational sports lifestyle stories that speak to the whole community.

“There is no bigger inspiration of founding The GAME than being to show love to the entire sports community,” says James Cruz during its launch. “We believe that the individuals and groups that make up the entire sports ecosystem deserves more love and we’re here to give that to them.”

Head In The Game

The Filipino digital platform may be a rookie, but it has big dreams. “Like any new young brand, we’re very eager to explore and meet with everyone to find out how we can work together as we believe one way or another that our mission ties us together though our mutual passion for sports,” Cruz underscores. In its goal to redefine how sports is viewed, The GAME is not just shooting its shot, but shedding light on each and every facet that makes up the athletic community.

James Cruz Publisher The GAME

This venture is carefully designed to be an aspirational hub that will chronicle the latest news, historical wins, and iconic stories that course through the many perspectives of Philippine sports. “The sincere goal and mission of The GAME is to be able to play its part in elevating and upgrading the overall Filipino sports experience through socially responsible content and entertainment,” details Cruz.

Amanda Fernandez Editor in Chief The GAME

And helping live out the vision from the playbook is a woman who is no stranger to sports. As Editor-in-Chief of The GAME, there is no better person to lead the team than Amanda Fernandez. An athlete through and through, she has started playing football at 13, and consequently developed a deep love for athletics since. The graduate of the University of San Diego is not just a player, but a mentor as well. From 2011-2015, she owned and managed a semi pro football team, Sikat FC, and is currently owner of Sparta Philippines, a training facility that has been helping both athletes and non-athletes learn the benefits of active living.

This appointment is made even more fitting, because captured in its inaugural issue is the recent groundbreaking victory of the Philippine Women’s National Team. “Putting them on the cover sends a clear message that The GAME is a new and fresh take on sports media,” Cruz relates.

For The Win

Just like any play, it comes with its fair share of training and competition, as well as setbacks, heartbreaks, and sacrifices, and The GAME is raring and ready to not only take in on, but document stories of the same sort that color the Filipino sports community. All for the love of the game, and the Filipino spirits that carry it through from the legends to the rookies, The GAME is finally here, playing for the win.