All The KoDrea Moments That Make Kobie Brown And Andrea Abaya Your Next Fave Sweethearts

Kilig on another level!

Looking for a fresh Gen Z love team that will make your hearts full? Kobie Brown and Andrea Abaya’s KoDrea is here to give that.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that usually comes out of the famed reality show Pinoy Big Brother are the love teams or even at times, romantic relationships, that have developed inside Kuya’s house. From Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson to KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad, PBB can very well be described as the Filipinos’ kilig generator, one that produces the next star couples that we’ll be gushing over and screaming our hearts out for. One of the recent love teams that has emerged from PBB and has been melting hearts nonstop with their impeccable chemistry is Kobie Brown and Andrea Abaya, or as their fans call their ship, KoDrea.

During their stint at PBB Connect three years, Kobie and Andi had captured the hearts of many viewers with their bubbly teenage romance and wholesome cuteness that had deservingly led them to the finals’ night where they became the season’s top housemates. After that, the KoDrea ship has sailed and flourished, with the young stars getting their debut appearance in Saying Goodbye, iQIYI’s first Filipino original series starring Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin. Kobie and Andi then continued to spread their magic in an episode of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube romantic anthology Love Bites, in their first-ever movie together Connected (which they starred in with their PBB fellow housemates), and in the Kumu show To My First, which they top-billed. 

And with the upcoming iWantTFC and Dreamscape Entertainment offering, Teen Clash, KoDrea is expected yet again to bless our year with their adorable on-screen dynamic as Josh and Mandy. It’s a given that when they’re together in a project, Kobie and Andi always ooze with their endearing appeal. But even in their sweet real-life interactions, KoDrea never fails to make us smile. Below are some of those moments that easily make KoDrea your next favorite Gen Z sweethearts.


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Let’s take a cute trip down memory lane and just be amused by the early days of KoDrea that were never short of kilig fuel. In this moment, Andi Abaya asked Kobie Brown to rephrase (as he should) his “we love you very much” statement to one that’s more personal. And yes, not only did Andi need that, all the KoDrea stans needed it as well.


@kodreathuglyf ay your marupok friend #kodrea #andiabaya #kobiebrown #fyp ♬ Babalik Sa’yo (from “2 Good 2 Be True”) – Moira Dela Torre

In what can be said as the realization of that “rephrase” request, Kobie got the best of Andie in the walang tatawa challenge with their Squadmates. “I love you,” said Kobie, and then Andi’s marupok heart got touched so hard she could not contain her emotions and eventually lost the game. Yeah, we’ve all experienced that—to be like the innocent Angela Ken who has to deal with others’ love expressions. 


Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya
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January 8 is a special day for both Andi Abaya and Kobie Brown as it is the former’s birthday. The consistent partner that he is, Kobie made a dedication post to Andi who just turned 21. Last year, Kobie even edited an entire video for her with all the favorite KoDrea memories he had captured. Kobie’s a romantic guy for sure.


At Star Magic’s Star Magical Christmas party last year, KoDrea enchanted all of us with their costumes inspired by Prince Eric and Clara from the animated movie Barbie and the Nutcracker. And yup, they really embodied the magic of the characters with their loveteam’s natural allure.


@mykodrea ay grabe [ #andiabaya #4u ♬ original sound – 🗨️ – ash | student era

In one episode of PBB: Kumunity Season 10, Andi had a cute interaction with her celebrity crush, Enchong Dee. But Kobie really said, “Well I can do that, too!” and then fixed Andi’s hair afterwards. You can trust KoDrea will be here for a long time because Kobie sure looks like he’ll always be there for Andi, no matter how seloso he gets.


We’re not done with the KoDrea feels yet. Here’s Kobie and Andie making all of us swoon with their duet of Daniel Cesar and H.E.R’s collab ballad, Best Part, in one of their interviews for Rise Artists Studio. Just take it all in for the moment.


@kobiesarchive_ Happy Valentine’s Day !! Sigurado by Andi Abaya ft. Kobie Brown #KoDrea endgame 💙🥺 #kobiebrown #andiabaya #fyp #foryou #happyvalentinesday #fypppp ♬ original sound – kobiesarchive📁

The love season is just around the corner, and KoDrea has got just the perfect moment to help you imbibe it. Here’s Andi Abaya making wonders with her rendition of Belle Mariano’s Sigurado featuring Kobie Brown and his surprise bouquet of flowers and romantic gifts. 



ready to dance battle with the brazilian kids 🇧🇷

♬ Tubarão Te Amo – DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP

Enough with the charming singing and let’s look at KoDrea’s other energetic side with their video taking on the Tubarão Te Amo by DJ LK da Esocia dance challenge. Even in their playfulness, you really can’t deny how cute they are together. 


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Capping off this list on a fluttering note, here’s a fan edit of all the sweetest KoDrea moments during their PBB days together. Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya have always been consistent with their relationship and by the looks of it, and as the KoDrea stans all wish, it looks that the sweethearts really are each other’s endgame.

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