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Netflix’s *Extra* Marketing For All Of Us Are Dead Includes A Zombie School Bus And Meme Billboards

“Yung nagdidiscuss ng sagot after exam kung A or B tapos ang sagot mo FALSE.”

Beyond posters, ads, and billboards, Netflix has always been known to go above and beyond when it comes to promoting their latest projects as seen in their efforts for All Of Us Are Dead.

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Netflix’s latest series All Of Us Are Dead is taking the world by storm. Placing in the top 10 of over 91 countries around the world, the show has undoubtedly become the first major hit of 2022. And while it does have a lot of things going for it, from its intriguing plot, visceral action, and lovable set of characters, it also helps that Netflix has gone above and beyond to promote the show. After all, this is the same company that made it look like monsters destroyed Trese billboards, the MOA Globe was being stolen, and placed the Squid Game doll in front of a busy intersection. Showing once again just how extra they can get, Netflix made sure to promote All Of Us Are Dead more than just through billboards and commercials.


Prior to its debut, Netflix Thailand wanted to make sure that people knew All Of Us Are Dead was coming. So, they decided to do this not by going beyond the traditional posters and billboards. Instead, they got a school bus and branded it in the show’s aesthetic, as in covered with LED screens to make it look like the bus was filled with zombies and students. The bus then proceeded to drive around major thoroughfares, understandably attracting attention wherever it went. If you came across a yellow school bus filled with zombies in it, for sure it at least will garner a double take and maybe even get you curious about the show.


With All Of Us Are Dead’s success in the Philippines comes the fact that the internet has taken the liberty of sharing memes inspired by the show. And honestly, when people start making memes based on a show or movie, then you know it has become popular. Despite what is ostensibly a depressing show, people have mined the show for relatable memes to share. Pinoy fans have taken to social media with their comical take on the show.

And not one to be behind the curve, Netflix Philippines, inspired by very Pinoy high-school humor from the fans, decided to place billboards around major cities that are just about memes of All Of Us Are Dead. Taking advantage of the show’s school and Gen Z-centric setting, the placements found in Cebu, Davao, Laguna, and EDSA revolve around all-too relatable moments we experience in school. And let’s not forget the PSA Netflix PH shared that gives helpful tips on surviving a zombie outbreak.


Not one to be outdone, Netflix Korea also went all out to promote All Of Us Are Dead. And they did this by converting a portion of the Central City Express Bus Terminal into a pop-up that doesn’t look out of place from the actual show. Open until February 6, the pop-up features many props from the show, standees of the zombies and the main characters, and much more. And to top it all off, there is also a Zombie Escape Challenge for visitors to try. The pop-up reminds us of when Netflix Korea turned Itaewon station in Seoul into an actual set from Squid Game. While we never want to be in a middle of a zombie outbreak, we wouldn’t mind visiting the pop-up if we could.

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