Breakout Stars Alexa Ilacad And KD Estrada Are Having Their Own Fancon And Show This Year

KDLex stays winning.

It’s safe to say that Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada are in the running to become the breakout pair of 2022 as further solidified in their upcoming concert and show.

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Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada are currently having their moment as one of the rising it pairs of 2022, which is both unexpected and a most welcome surprise. Prior to joining Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Celebrity Edition, KD Estrada was mostly known as an up-and-coming musician. Alexa Ilacad, on the other hand, was mostly seen as an actress who dabbled in music. But during their time on the show, the two arguably became the breakout stars of the season, both as individuals and as a pair.

KD bravely opened up about his personal struggles with mental health and started important conversations about dealing with depression and anxiety. Alexa also revealed her struggles with how she sees her body, an issue many can relate to. Viewers also got to see the strong and confident personality Alexa had and how she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. The two formed a close friendship that was evident early on in the season and it has remained strong since their time on the show. It was clear that KDLex was a fan favorite.

Many want to see them work together and both have expressed working on projects together. And that dream just became a reality as not only are they having a joint concert, but they are getting their own show!


Announced this January 23, it was revealed that Alexa and KD were staging their first joint event together. Entitled, Closer: The KDLex Fancon, the show is set to be held this February 26. The event will be streamed via KTX which you can get your tickets now. Not all the details have been given about the show, but we have a few guesses as to what we can expect. Both are proven performers so expect to see performances, duets, and other special numbers. More excitingly, we might see Alexa and KD share their original songs for the first time.

Alexa shared in an interview with NYLON Manila that she is down to make music with KD, so their Fancon could be a great opportunity for that. Given how it is a fancon, we could also see them interact with their passionate fans and do other special segments. Whatever they decide to do, if it’s anything like their first duet on ASAP, then expect the kilig to be at a 100.


Along with the announcement of the fancon, they also revealed that they are starring in their first show together. Entitled More Than Words, the series will be produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and will be airing later this year in the summer. The show is still in the early stages of production, so details are scarce. Though the two aren’t strangers when it comes to acting in front of the camera.

Alexa has been a presence on our TVs since her Goin’ Bulilit days. And while KD isn’t as seasoned as Alexa, he has been in a few productions, with a few notable ones along the way. This year will also see him in the anticipated new series from JP Habac called Bola Bola where he will co-star alongside Francine Diaz, Ashton Salvador, and BGYO’s Akira to name a few. The chemistry the two have is and feels genuine, so we feel confident that their chemistry will translate to the screen. The future really is bright for the two young stars.