Alexa Ilacad Had The Spiciest Clapbacks To Toxic Comments

Listen to Alexa.

From shutting down haters to reminding everyone of being kinder, Alexa Ilacad offers us some wise words that inspire us to love ourselves even more.

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The year is 2023 and foul-mouthed bashers and haters are still out and about spreading negativities. And if there’s a celebrity who has had to endure a lot of this toxicity, Alexa Ilacad would be one of them. She has had her fair share of mean and hurtful comments, primarily aimed at her body. And for someone who has experienced depression and body dysmorphia before, this is the worst and most undeserved kind of hatred. 

But being the powerful and intelligent woman that she is, Alexa takes all this in stride, killing them bashers with kindness and some words of wisdom they badly need. Just like in her recent interview for the Star Magic’s Hot Summer Lahot Sexy program where she took down some toxic commenters with some fiery grace and calm. There’s a lot to be learned from her really (both for the bullying victims and the toxic people) and these are some of them.


Alexa Ilacad

In one on-point and succinct sentence, Alexa Ilacad is able to reasonably shut down all those ignorant and sexist haters who blame others for being sexually harassed. “No, kaya kami nababastos kasi bastos ka.” Get them, Alexa.


Alexa Ilacad

Today, it’s a good thing that more and more people are embracing the diversity of beauty and how it comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Unfortunately, there are still some who cling onto narrow-minded beliefs. Alexa Ilacad, however, hits the nail on the head with her response to a body positivity critic who says body positivity tolerates malnutrition and obesity: “Wala sa size, wala sa hitsura ang pagiging healthy.” She even adds that unless you’re that person’s physician, then you don’t have the right to judge someone else’s body.


Alexa Ilacad

Even Alexa Ilacad admittingly says it puts her into “beast mode” when somebody minds other people’s decision to wear a two-piece swimsuit. But still, she embodies pure reason in her reaction that also gives everyone sound pieces of advice. “Bakit tayo nangingialam sa isusuot ng ibang tao? ‘Di naman tayo ang nagpapakain sa kanila. Hindi naman tayo ang bumili ng damit nila. Hindi naman ikakasira ng buhay mo kung nag-two-piece sila.” May all the bashers ponder on these and hopefully live and let live.


Alexa Ilacad

Not only is Alexa Ilacad a body positivity warrior, she’s also an advocate of stigmatized and progressive ideals like men wearing make-up. “2023 na,” she rightfully says, “We now know, accept, and understand that make-up has no gender.” Alexa even furthers that make-up is a form of expression and that we should not deprive guys of the choice to use make-up for their own glow-up. She’s so all of us when she reasons: “Lahat tayo may karapatan mag-make-up. Pera mo, binili mo, do what you want with it.”


Alexa Ilacad

It’s truly disheartening to see that Alexa Ilacad has had to deal with the same toxic comments that she’s now reacting to.  When asked to share a hate comment that affected her, Alexa reveals that the worst one yet was about how people are judged based on their clothing choices, and how they deserve to be harassed because of it.

“Wala sa pananamit ‘yung dahilan kung bakit nababastos ang mga babae. Kaya nababastos ang mga babae kasi may bastos,” Alexa stresses. And for the hopeless victim-blamers out there, Alexa has a message: you need divine intervention. Seriously, it’s time to reevaluate mindsets and recognize that everyone deserves respect and that nobody deserves to be mistreated or harassed, no matter what they wear or how they act.


Alexa Ilacad

Alexa Ilacad has an important message for everyone: “Please be kinder.” With all the negativity and hate that’s become so prevalent in our social landscape, she reminds us of the importance of being considerate and gentle towards others. Quoting Ariana Grande, Alexa emphasizes that not everything we see on social media is real or attainable, and that we should all be more mindful of how we comment on others’ looks and bodies. As she puts it, “every body is different,” and we need to respect and celebrate those differences.

For those who are struggling to love themselves, Alexa offers some wise words of encouragement. She reminds us that our bodies are our vessels and homes, and they work tirelessly to keep us alive. That, in itself, is something to be grateful for and a reason to love and care for our bodies. So let’s all take Alexa’s advice and strive to be kinder and more accepting towards ourselves and others. The world needs it now more than ever.

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