AC Bonifacio

6 Incredible AC Bonifacio Dance Covers On Her YouTube Channel

Be prepared to get blown away by her amazing dance talents.

From BTS to BLACKPINK, AC Bonifacio has covered them all. Here are 6 of her dance covers on her YouTube channel that is a must-watch for any fan.

AC Bonifacio is a young woman of many talents. You may have seen one of her viral dance videos on TV in one of her many guest appearances, or even in the fifth season of Riverdale where she played Star Vixen. Having assumed so many roles over the years, there is no denying that she is an insanely talented dancer. She can dance with the best of them and her dance covers on her YouTube channel prove it. Here are 6 of her best dance covers that you need to watch right now.

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BLACKPINK – How You Like That

Currently the most viewed video on her channel, AC Bonifacio’s dance cover of How You Like That is everything you want in a dance cover and more. Slick moves, attention-grabbing stage presence, and well-put-together costumes are just some things to expect in this video. It is commendable that AC was able to include music video accurate details in the video such as having Jennie’s blonde highlights and Lisa’s bob cut, but unique enough to make the style feel her own. It’s no wonder then that this video won AC the official How You Like That dance cover competition.

BTS – Dynamite

Always count on AC Bonifacio to make any choreography look effortless. Her cover of BTS’s 2020 smash hit oozes cool, fun style. She breezes through the song with ease and come to think of it, her blue plaid outfit wouldn’t look out-of-place in the actual Dynamite music video. Plus points since she filmed part of the video in the same location featured in TWICE’S Likey music video.

BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls

AC’S dance cover of Lovesick Girls is the embodiment of the saying “when you’re in a group, but you do all the work.” She serves four different outfits for every member and films in different locations to highlight each part. She gives every part justice and it does not feel like a certain part was given priority over the other. Dancing just comes so naturally to AC Bonifacio and you can see it in this dance cover.


Production-wise, this is one of AC’s best videos. When BTS first premiered ON, they did it with a grand video to match the song and AC does that, too. Starting off with a group of drummers, AC goes full force in this video, dance break included. There is almost like this toughness that AC projects that makes this dance cover even better.

EXO – Love Shot

Short but sweet, AC Bonifacio manages to give it her all in this dance cover. Her cover is actually a collaboration with Dasuri Choi, and both of them kill it as they match the sensual energy of the song with the hard-hitting choreography. The only problem with the video is that it’s too short and needs to be longer.

BLACKPINK – Pretty Savage

Currently her most recent dance cover, AC Bonifacio ate this up and left no crumbs. AC’s dancing skills are on full display here. She also looks amazing in her four separate BLACKPINK inspired outfits with special mention going to her Jennie-inspired look and customized basketball jersey similar to what Rosé wore. The surprise near the end is what brings this video above and beyond.

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