9 TikToks From Lou Yanong That Are Whole Moods

She's just like us fr.

Lou Yanong’s TikTok game is as on-point as her runway walk.

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When she’s in model mode, Lou Yanong serves killer poses and has a walk that could set any catwalk on fire. But aside from the aura she radiates as one of the top models in the country, Lou is also a fun-loving and charming young woman who isn’t afraid to let loose. And this can be seen in her TikTok account where the former PBB housemate posts regularly. On it, she shares to her 1.2 million followers snippets of her life, takes on TikTok trends, as well as moments that will have you saying, same. Here are just some of the times when Lou Yanong was a whole mood on TikTok.



♬ original sound – mitch

Remember, a hater is just another name for a fan.



♬ original sound – Lou

Like many of us, Lou turned to the power of crystals to ward off bad vibes, in this case, people who are jealous of her. But with that price, maybe it would be better for people to just be jealous of you.




♬ Sweetest Pie – Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa

Are we surprised she ate that walk? Whether it be the catwalk or a hallway, Lou will always stomp down like the pro that she is. She can even serve a fierce runway walk while standing in place.



nawawala na natitira kong energy

♬ original sound – Abel Barrientos

Lou is no stranger when it comes to giving her takes on the latest trends on TikTok, whether it be dance challenges or lip syncs. But in this video, she gives us a three-in-one special with the viral chicken nuggets, Liza and Kathryn confrontation from Must Be Love, and Lovi Poe’s burikake memes.


@louyanongg sorry try lang @jachmanere ♬ original sound – ALYSSA MCKAY

Lou and Jach Manere are the model besties we love rooting for. Both are talented, gorgeous, and know how to have fun. Where can we find a friend like that?



nananahimik ako wag niyo ko idamay hahaha

♬ Asan Ka Na Ba – Zack Tabudlo

All that Lou is doing here is eating her food at what we presume is a Korean restaurant. It’s just vibes and the kind of peace we want whenever we eat out.


@louyanongg Reply to @icebeeeaaarr creds: @annaxsitar ♬ MOOSE – kemy 🙂

If you want to know just how good of a model Lou is, know that she bodied this runway walk while walking on a treadmill like it was no big deal. She’s mother for that.



🦙 joke lang para even hahahaha

♬ original sound – Lou

Working in an image-obsessed industry like modeling, Lou is no stranger to people talking about her body. Being the queen that she is though, she isn’t letting the haters get to her such as when she clap backed at people who said she had small breasts. A woman of confidence, grace, and wit.




♬ original sound Yanong – Lou

She’s all of us whenever we say couples displaying affection in public.

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