7 Times Inigo Pascual Covered A Song And Made It His Own

7 Times Inigo Pascual Covered A Song And Made It His Own

Inigo Pascual is truly an underrated vocalists.

Inigo Pascual knows a thing or two when it comes to making a song cover work. Here are seven of his best that had us thinking it was his own song.

Inigo Pascual has made a name for himself as an actor and talented musician. Despite entering the industry thanks in part to his last name and who his dad is, Inigo has slowly but surely made it known that he is talented in his own right and deserves to be seen for his own skills. Over the years, he has given us some high-key bops that range from pop and R&B songs to slower, more emotional ballads. And while his own songs are great, he ain’t no slouch either when it comes to his song covers. With that being said, here are seven of Inigo Pascual’s song covers that are a must-listen for any fan.

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All Out Of Love by Air Supply is a true classic, so for Inigo Pascual to cover it is quite brave for him. Not only is his cover great, but he also makes the song his own. Inigo’s voice sounds so good and this more modern and R&B take on the song has a cool vibe to it. As if just talking to someone with sincere and genuine feelings, he did the song justice, so much so that even Air Supply themselves congratulated Inigo on the cover.


Believe it or not, Inigo Pascual actually officially covered a song from a Pixar movie. Considering that a lot of the themes and scenes depicted in Coco are relatable to many Filipinos, we weren’t surprised to see a Filipino cover a song from the movie. Inigo’s version of Remember Me is similar to what is heard in the movie, but he still manages to make it his own. And based on the comments of the video, it seems that a lot of people agreed that Inigo killed it.


Inigo Pascual’s take on this Regine Velasquez classic proves just how versatile he truly is. While Regine’s take is more of a soaring ballad, Inigo slows things down and approaches the song acoustically. In his version, Inigo’s voice shines through and absolutely carries the song. He delivers every line with meaning and still manages to bring out the emotion of the song with just his voice being backed by an acoustic guitar.


We’ll be needing Inigo to release the official audio for his cover of these songs because he ate them up and left no crumbs. Performed during 88Rising’s #AsiaRisingForever charity concert, Inigo did such a good job with The Fugees’ Killing Me Softly. His vocals were on point, and we liked how it highlighted his slightly raspy and husky tone. Inigo also brings a unique take to Post Malone’s Better Now with his band version of the song.


Inigo has actually performed Nadarang a few times such as when he joined Shanti Dope for his performance during the 2018 MYX Music Awards. But the cover we are talking about was the one he did with John Roa. It’s a performance you need to see to believe as he shifts between lighting fast raps and smooth vocals. Add to that John’s vocals, this is arguably one of the best versions of Nadarang you can see.


At this point, people should really stop sleeping on Inigo’s vocals if his cover of Imahe by Magnus Haven is anything to go by. Inigo brings the hugot with his version of the song and might even make you remember about the special someone that got away.

Work The Middle by Alex Aiono, One Dance by Drake, and Hasta Al Manacer by Nicky Jam

Talk about versatility. Not only did Inigo cover Alex Aiono’s Work The Middle with Alex himself, but they also covered One Dance by Drake and Hasta Al Manacer by Nicky Jam. Despite all three songs being completely different, Inigo and Alex kill each song and their voices really complement one another. The only problem with this cover is that it’s too short and we need a longer version.

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