bella poarch black outfit

7 Fits That Prove Black Is Bella Poarch’s Color

It's like it was made for her.

Bella Poarch is an inspiration in black.

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Aside from being a TikTok star, musician, and noted alpaca lover, Bella Poarch is also a style star. If her fashion show appearances and red carpet moments don’t make it clear enough, Bella Poarch can serve looks. It’s at times sultry and classic, but always with a playful edge, proving that she isn’t afraid to experiment with her style.

Her well-curated IG feed is filled with her fashion hits, and one thing that Bella is a pro at is working with the color black. It’s a color she uses often and we can see why. In typical Bella Poarch style, she’s shown us how it can be one of the most exciting colors you can work with. Not only has she us double-tapping, but Bella’s also inspiring us when it comes to creating the perfect dark fit and mastering moody hues. We listed down seven of Bella’s black outfits that are straight fire!


To many, this kind of look might be too hard to pull off. But Bella carries it with ease. Here, she serves an elevated grunge look. The spike-studded boots with the plaid skirt and the sheer top are the perfect combination.


While Bella Poarch loves an edgy moment, that doesn’t mean she can’t serve class with a side of personality. The LBD, a leather bondage corset dress from the eponymous spring/summer 2001 collection of Gucci in its Tom Ford era is a sight. And the matching gloves and O2 Monde stilettos take the night look to a whole other level.


Someone tell us where she got those velvet pants because they look like the most comfortable things in the world. In this fit, Bella keeps things low-key yet stylish, creating the perfect laidback ensemble by just adding velvet trousers and a bra top. But don’t forget to add gloves and white sandals to make things more interesting.


You can never go wrong with black and silver. And in Bella’s case, she goes for a sparkly silver number with black outlines. Rocking and rolling in a sultry outfit, Bella’s black ensemble, complete with leather gloves and knee-high boots, is a head-turner.


Yes, we all know that black and white will never go out of style. But Bella gives it a fresh twist in this head-to-toe GCDS look complete with a black corset layered over a white dress, black boots, and not to mention Bella’s hair being down. Those details give this look that seductive twist.


Let’s be real, Bella is a living Filipino doll. Here, she totally rocked her outfit with this Windowsen ensemble and platform boots as the red and purple outlines give it a nice touch. To complete the look, Bella goes for a cute statement piece, in this case, a white handbag. She’s all about girl power in her take on the Spice Girl era.


You can’t talk about Bella Poarch in black without mentioning her music video looks. And one of her most signature fits is this sultry black look she sported in her Build A B*tch and Dolls music videos. With or without the bionic arm, Bella is confidently owning her body like the baddie that she is.

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