7 Filipino Beauty Influencers That Tried The Meredith Duxbury Challenge And Nailed It 

Just a little more.

How much foundation is too much foundation? These local beauty influencers test out the Meredith Duxbury Challenge to get to the bottom of everything. 

Meredith Duxbury Challenge
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One would assume that there is only one way of applying foundation. While this simple beauty step can be achieved by a pump of your favorite base product and using a sponge to blend, there are so many things to consider. From coverage and formula, to the technique, makeup artists are changing the foundation game.

@meredithduxbury Replying to @queenjc_16 GRWM… let’s talk about my foundation technique #thefoundationchallenge ♬ original sound – Meredith Duxbury

Beauty TikToker Meredith Duxbury is known for her own base routine: a more is more approach that has made a huge impact on the BeautyTok community. Her viral transformation videos where she applies 10 pumps of foundation using her bare hands have shocked viewers from around the world—and it most certainly caught the intererest of our local beauty influencers. Enter: The Meredith Duxbury Challenge.

Our favorite local beauty TikTokers found the approach excessive and unrealistic for everyday use, but the challenge was to see if adding layers of foundation would look as flawless as it did on Meredith.



it’s giving house of wax HDHSHDHD

♬ Athletic tune “heaven and hell” – Shinonome


@thekyliecelebre Replying to @jeyooo_ on IG Doing the Meredith Duxbury Challenge 😭 CAMERA READY NAMAN PALA ANG KEKI! #MeredithDuxbury #TikTokFEBibig ♬ Creepy Violins – Apollo Nove


@pereylierge FINALLY DID IT 😭 MEREDITH DUXBURY FOUNDATION CHALLENGE #fyp #makeup #meredithduxbury #beautyph #TiktokFEBibig ♬ Heartwarming weakness system “3 minutes cooking song”(941517) – ラフティープロダクション


@missnatemakeup #meredithduxburychallenge Goldilocks left the chat!! BUGUGSH LUTONG LUTO ANG PEIZ! #beautyph ♬ Funny video “Carmen Prelude” Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)


@hueben.kang Replying to @eyzktslzr grabee tong challenge na to 😭 I dont know what to feeel!! #BeautyPH #TikTokFEBibig #meredithduxburychallenge ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim


@rovmzs Inspo: @meredithduxbury. Since a lot of people have been requesting me to do the #meredithduxburychallenge ♬ I’m Legit – Nicki Minaj


@tereedaisuke Replying to @mirabelclosetph super naenjoy ko tong challenge na ‘to and siguro dahil namiss ko magfilm sa makeup “studio” ko hahahaha! #makeup #makeupchallenge #meredithduxbury ♬ original sound – Teree Daisuke

The verdict? The Meredith Duxbury Challenge is definitely not for everyday use. While 10 pumps of foundation may look good on photos, it may feel uncomfortable and heavy on the face, especially for humid weather. The challenge is perfect for TikTok content, but if you’re looking for the perfect foundation routine, you might want to skip this one.

If you’re a newbie, learning about makeup might feel overwhelming. There are so many methods you can find online, but it is important to know that there isn’t one right way to apply your foundation. At the end of the day, your application depends on your personal preference.

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