For That Friend Who Needs A Push

7 Book Gift Suggestions For Specific People In Your Life

All they want for Christmas is not you.

The library is open. Looking for foolproof ideas for those near and dear this Christmas? Why not give them the gift of books? Entertaining and enlightening, there’s a title for every personality. Yes, even for the Taylor Swift-obsessed.

It’s that time of the year again! Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is once again back on everybody’s playlists. With just a few weeks until Christmas, I’m pretty sure you’ve at least already started on your holiday shopping. And if you haven’t, get on it quick. Now, once you’re set, I have a foolproof gift suggestion: books!

No matter where you tip in the reader scale, from the casual to the voracious like Belle (that access to that massive library in Beauty & the Beast? Sign us up), everybody deserves a great read this holiday season. However, the big question is, which one? We all have a diverse group of friends with various personalities and hobbies, which makes it hard to decide which book to give them.  

Lucky for you, I came up with this list of book suggestions for the very specific friends in your gift list. And heck, I even checked it twice!

For That Friend Who Has All Too Well On Loop: Under the City Lights by S.J. Wolf

Independently published by S.J. Wolf, her debut novel Under the City Lights is a story about a love lost and love found. This book is a sure way to get someone up on their feelings, especially those still on a Taylor Swift or Adele hangover. You might need to give your friend some tissues, too!

You can buy Under The City Lights here

For Your Forever Single Friend: Please Pick Me by Reina Regina

As the title suggests, this poetry book by local author Reina Regina is all about wanting to be picked. These haikus, poems, and prose pieces are about the miracle of being wanted back by someone we want. This book might just be the jolt of hope your friend needs!

You can buy Please Pick Me here.

For Your Perpetually Pissed Off Friend: Li’l Bertong Badtrip by Manix Abrera

Manix Abrera is no stranger when it comes to the world of Philippine comics. One of his iconic characters, Bertong Badtrip, is always in a bad mood, he might as well be best friends with Daria.

Exploring Bertong Badtrip’s childhood, Li’l Bertong Badtrip will make the perfect companion for your friend who just hates everything.

You can buy Li’l Bertong Badtrip here.

For That Friend Who Needs A Push: Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou

Sometimes, when we’re feeling down, we all just need a little help from our friends. 

Maya Angelou’s unforgettable poem is matched with the daring art of Jean-Michel Basquiat in this powerful ode to courage. With these iconic figures lending them a helping hand, your friend will be glad you gave them the gift of optimism.

You can buy Life Doesn’t Frighten Me here.

For The Natal Chart Obsessed Friend: The Astrology Dictionary by Donna Woodwell

Still thinking of a gift for that friend who recently asked you for your specific date, place, and time of birth? The Astrology Dictionary: Cosmic Knowledge from A to Z might just be what they need. This fascinating and practical dictionary explains it all, so they can spend more time discovering what the zodiac means to them. Next time, you can ask them when the next Mercury Retrograde is!

You can buy The Astrology Dictionary here. 

For Your Highly Caffeinated Friend: The World Atlas Of Coffee by James Hoffman

We all have that friend who’s unapologetically fueled by coffee. Why not add this coffee table book about coffee to their actual coffee table? (Take an espresso shot every time I say coffee!)

This ultimate guide to coffee contains comprehensive details on the beans and brews of more than 35 countries. Indeed, coffee is life!

You can buy The World Atlas Of Coffee here. 

For Yourself: Burn After Writing by Sharon Jones

The holiday season is about giving gifts to people you love––and that should include yourself. 

Push your limits, reflect on your past, present, and future, and create a secret book that’s about you, and just for you. This is not a diary, and there is no posting required. And when you’re finished, toss it, hide it, or Burn After Writing. It even comes in various covers to match whatever mood you’re in. (I personally chose pink. In the words of Elle Woods, it just adds a little bit of extra, don’t you think?)

You can buy Burn After Writing here.

Hopefully this list would make your holiday shopping a bit more stress free. Just a tip: try to finish your gift shopping as early as you can so you can spend your holidays curled up with a nice book to read. After all, reading is what? Fundamental. (You knew this was coming, okurrr.)