He's Into Her

5 Things He’s Into Her Is Doing Right So Far

The show is starting to look very promising

With the release of the full trailer for He’s Into Her over the weekend, we now have a better look at the show and from what we’ve seen, we’re optimistic.

Ever since it was announced that a TV series adaptation for He’s Into Her was in the works, the internet was waiting in high anticipation for the show. When it was revealed that Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano were going to star as the two leads, that energy went through the roof. Now, the full trailer for He’s Into Her dropped, and with it an extended look at the series. Even though it’s just the trailer, we have high hopes for the show. Here are 5 things He’s Into Her is doing right so far.

Donny and Belle’s strong chemistry takes center stage

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We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano truly have great chemistry together. Their love team has great potential which is why they are a constant trending topic. From the trailer, we get glimpses of their strong connection at work. From the scene of them at the billiard table to Donny holding Belle’s hand at what looks like karaoke, and when he corners her at the lockers, their dynamic is on display. Based on the trailer, we’re likely to see more moments like these in He’s Into Her, and we can’t wait.

Donny and Belle also have their own time to shine

With that being said, Donny and Belle’s characters look to be having their own character arcs as well. For Belle’s character, she moves from the province and her family to attend school. Her presence in the school looks to shake up the school’s power dynamics since she stands up to Donny’s character. It will be interesting to see her character’s tough province girl persona adapt to the new environment. Donny’s character, meanwhile, is the mean popular kid of the school, but his authority is challenged with the arrival of Belle’s character. We’re looking forward to seeing Donny’s character go from tough guy to someone whose walls slowly break down.

The other love teams are given their moments

Donny and Belle may be the face of this show, but He’s Into Her features three love teams. In the full trailer, we are also given glimpses of Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel’s love team, as well as Joao Constancia and Crizi Taa’s love team. They get their own cute moments, and it is a promising sign that they are given attention in the trailer. We are hoping for more moments like these on the show because they may bring some scene-stealing and memorable moments.

The talent behind the camera is just as good as those on-screen

Aside from the actors involved, the people behind the camera are also giving us hope that He’s Into Her will be a great adaptation. The show’s writers are Charisse Bayona, Dip Mariposque, Rigel Gelito, and Vanessa Valdez. Chad Vidanes, the director of the show, is relatively new to directing. He only has a few credits to his name, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. He could bring a lot of new and fresh ideas to the show making it even better. After all, some of the greatest movies and TV shows ever were made by first-time directors. Having these people on board could make for a show that’s a mix of established ideas with new ones.

The show is just the right length

This is an issue that has sadly affected quite a few shows. If a show has too few episodes, it can come off as rushed, short, and underdeveloped. If a show has too many episodes, it can feel long, draggy, and boring. He’s Into Her is set to have 10 episodes with each episode being around 40-50 minutes long. We feel that this is a good amount of episodes to have for the season. It’s not too little, but it’s not too much either. It’s just the right amount of episodes so that the season can end on a satisfactory note for all the love teams involved.

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