This 23-Year-Old Makes The Cutest Personalized Cakes You’ll Want To Send To Your S.O.

A special kind of sugar rush.

BIEN by Tracy is the place to let your creativity shine with personalized cakes fit for the family, your bestie, or that special someone.

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the pressure to get that perfect present for that special someone in your life is real. Often, that gift comes in a form of a cake or pastry. But why give a plain cake when you can make it extra special? This is where BIEN by Tracy comes in thanks to their specialized cakes that go beyond simply written dedications. With BIEN, turn the whole cake into a personalized message for your S.O.


Established in 2017, BIEN by Tracy is run by 23-year-old Tracy Platon. She started out making dessert buffets with cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries for her family and friends. Her baking was too good to not share with others though, which is why she transitioned into selling them online. But the artist and baker didn’t just make any old cake. She honed her craft on customized and personalized cakes that taste as good as they look. From baking and designing minimalist cakes, Tracy evolved to making fondant cakes, hand-painted floral cakes, and elaborately designed cakes perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day.


Exactly how you want the cake to look is up to you. The beauty of BIEN is that your imagination is the limit. If you want a recreation of a special photo, movie scene, or even a meme, then go for it. Send a special message to that one person in your heart or even celebrate yourself because Valentine’s Day is also for self-love.

Once you have your design ready, you can choose the cake to come in the following flavors: vanilla chiffon, moist chocolate, mocha chiffon, red velvet, and carrot. They also come in different frostings and fillings such as buttercream, cream cheese, and fresh whipped cream. As of now, BIEN by Tracy operates as an online shop, but they may be having a physical presence soon. “As of now BIEN only operates online but we’re looking into opening a take-out shop in the first quarter of 2023,” shared Tracy in an interview.

BIEN by Tracy Custom Cakes Valentine's gift ideas

You can get your personalized cake by ordering through their Instagram or Facebook page. All you have to do is fill out the form, and your cake will be prepared per instructions. For the best output in your personalized cakes, pre-ordering is advised. And just like that, your Valentine’s Day dessert is settled.

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