2023 Just Might Be One Of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Best Years Yet

Jisoo is coming!

From her solo debut to the launch of her YouTube channel, Jisoo is staying booked and busy this 2023 and her fans stay winning.

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As BLACKPINK approaches their seventh anniversary this 2023, there’s no stopping the girls from their continued domination. Among other things, the group is set to continue their Born Pink world tour this year, which includes a historic two-day stop at the Philippine Arena this March. And if rumors are to be believed, BLACKPINK will be heading back to Coachella later this year as the first K-pop group to headline the festival.

But it seems that Jisoo in particular is set to have a fruitful 2023 with all that she has done and has in store for the year. She already made waves last year with her main actress debut in Snowdrop and continued partnership with Dior. And that hype looks to reach new heights this year. Here are just a few reasons why 2023 might just be one of Jisoo’s best years yet.  



Aside from the ever-continued clamor for a group comeback, BLINKS have begged YG Entertainment for years for Jisoo to release her music. Jennie, Rose, and Lisa have all released their solos, and it only felt right that Jisoo did, too. And 2023 finally gave fans reason to celebrate as YG finally confirmed that Jisoo’s solo is indeed coming this year. On January 2, the company shook the internet by confirming that Jisoo was in the works on her solo debut.


As to when her solo will drop, there’s no concrete release date so far as Jisoo reportedly began working on her music during the group’s Born Pink world tour. But it’s safe to say that it’s dropping sometime this year. As to what kind of sound it will be, we have a feeling it can go in many directions given the musical chameleon that Jisoo is. She can go for more of a ballad style like how she used to cover Clarity by Zedd. Jisoo could also give us an upbeat bop ala her cover of Liar by Camila Cabello. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be ready to accept Jisoo’s long-awaited solo with open arms.  


If the announcement of her solo wasn’t enough, the eldest member of BLACKPINK had another surprise for us, the launch of her very own YouTube channel right around her birthday last January 3. The name of the channel is Happy Jisoo 103%, and as a sign of just how much of a sweetheart she is, the channel’s name references how Jisoo also means index in Korean with her hope for it to have “everyone’s happiness index goes even higher.” And to top it all off, the money she makes from the channel will be donated to charity. We don’t know a better woman.

For her first vlog, which already has 10 million views in less than a week, Jisoo takes us around London and her many activities such as exercising, exploring the city streets, having dinner with Lisa, and seeing Big Ben. With the launch of her channel, Jisoo now becomes the final member of BLACKPINK to have her own YouTube channel. Hopefully she can give us frequent content to enjoy.

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