1st.One Joins SB19 As The Only P-pop Groups To Top A Billboard Chart

And that's on P-pop rise.

P-pop boy group 1st.One is probably having an early Christmas now that they have a number one on a Billboard chart.

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Even though there’s a little over a month left before 2022 comes to a close, the year, so far, has been a great one for P-pop. From scoring viral hits to holding record-breaking concerts, the new generation of P-pop groups are slowly but surely solidifying themselves as a force in OPM and even in the global music scene. That can be seen in the recent success of boy group 1st.One. In one of the best early Christmas presents one can have, the group not only made their debut on a Billboard chart, but they topped it, too.


On November 30, 1st.One made their debut on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart with their song SHOUT OUT. Not only did the track chart, but it also reached number one for the last 24 hours index. Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter provides a real-time ranking of the most discussed songs on the social network worldwide, capturing conversation over the past 24 hours and past seven days. It technically ranks the most talked-about songs on Twitter at the moment, not what they are listening to. But still, to get the top spot on the chart is an impressive feat.

Not only was this development a career milestone for 1st.One, but it also made P-pop history. With the feat, the group became just the second P-pop group and Filipino artist ever to top the chart, joining SB19 in this achievement when they did so with BazingaSHOUT OUT is also the third Filipino song to enter the chart following SB19’s Bazinga and WYAT.

“To be able to enter the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart is one thing, but to reach the number one spot is just mind-blowing,” 1st. One leader Ace said in a statement. Echoing the seniment, Max, the main vocalist for 1st.One adds, “There are no words to express how honored I and my members feel right now, and we will continue to do our best to put on amazing performances and produce songs that are true to who we are.”


Any Filipino act topping a Billboard chart is worth celebrating. But it feels extra special knowing that it came from a group like 1st.One. They’ve been one of the first groups to really carry the flag of the new generation of P-pop but rarely got attention. That has changed though, especially this 2022, as more fans and listeners get into 1st.One and give them the respect they deserve.

SHOUT OUT is a bombastic track that serves as their tribute song to all the Filipino soldiers who fought and helped Korea during the Korean War. It was released back in January 2022 and racked up over 1.9 million views, their most viewed to date. Now, this achievement at the start of December feels like a great way to bookmark the track’s journey this 2022.

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