12 Celebrities That You Can Get A Personalized Message From On FanLove

Getting a personalized message from your idol? It's a dream come true!

Ever wanted to get a personalized message from BGYO, Maris Racal, AC Bonifacio, Belle Mariano, and more? Now is your chance thanks to FanLove.

It’s every fan’s dream to have your idol recognize you. The feeling you get when someone you love to watch and idolize says your name or talks to you is a sensation that is hard to replicate. The thing is, it’s not that easy to get such personal time with your favorite celebrity. After all, they are busy people and are adored by thousands, if not millions. In short, you have to be lucky. That barrier between celebrity and fan was narrowed though thanks to the launch of FanLove. Launched just recently, FanLove is similar to Cameo in that you pay a celebrity to give you a personalized message. But unlike Cameo, all the celebrities featured in FanLove are local celebrities.

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How It Works

The way the site works is that you first set up an account. You then choose among the celebrities available (as of this writing, there are 167 celebrities available). After that, you indicate what kind of message the video will be; you can choose from a gift to someone, myself, or for a brand or business. You then type your name and the shoutout instructions that are no longer than 250 characters. The celebrity then has 10 days to complete your request.

The site has separate columns that divide the celebrities into their main profession like actors, musicians, and the likes. There is also a search bar so you can look up a specific celebrity. The best part is that if your request is accepted, not only do you get a personal message from your idol, the celebrity can also donate the money to charity. There are dozens of celebrities to choose from in FanLove with more to be added in the future, but here are 12 celebrities that we wouldn’t mind paying to get a personal message from.

AC Bonifacio

Dance extraordinaire AC Bonifacio is one of the celebrities that you can pay to give you a message from in FanLove. This may be a great opportunity to ask her for a birthday greeting or cheer you on for your exams.

Belle Mariano

½ of DonBelle and the star of He’s Into Her, Belle Mariano is available to get a message from. If you are a fan of her or the show, this could be your chance to get your own special message from her.


Kapamilya Online World on Twitter: "LOOK: A super typhoon is coming! BGYO  is the newest P-Pop group to watch out for Are you ready for #BGYO ? Set to  take the P-Pop

Rising P-Pop group BGYO has been breaking records left and right, such as when they recently debuted on the Billboard charts. They also just released the music video to He’s Into Her, the theme song of the show of the same name. As of this writing, they are “sold out” on FanLove, but don’t fret. Sold out just means they are currently handling a lot of requests at the moment, but they will be back eventually. Just refresh the website every now and then to see when they are available.


Even though they haven’t technically debuted yet, BINI looks to be a P-Pop girl group that has a lot of potential. Maybe before they hit it big, why not get a special message to them on FanLove so that you can say you were there since the beginning.

Charlie Dizon

Charlie Dizon is currently enjoying a hot streak of roles. In just four years of acting, she has already gotten two major roles, the first one in Four Sisters Before the Wedding where she played a young Teddie Salazar. The other was in the critically acclaimed Fan Girl where she played Jane, a role she won Best Actress for at MMFF 2020.

Edward Barber

Edward Barber is an actor, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, host, endorses, singer, and the other half of MayWard. It safe to say then that he is one of the biggest stars of the current generation. The best part of a message from him? All the proceeds go to support The Elm Tree Foundation to help underprivileged children.

Elise Joson

Elise Joson has been in the industry for nearly a decade. From one of her first roles as Cheska in Be Careful With My Heart to her stint in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, and her numerous film roles, she has done a lot.

Joao Constancia

Actor, singer, and BoybandPH member Joao Constancia is available on FanLove. Given that he is a talented singer, having him sing you a song or happy birthday wouldn’t be bad at all. The fact that he will also star in He’s Into Her as one of the three main love teams makes him an enticing pick for fans of the show.

Karina Bautista

Karina Bautista is sure to be one of the rising stars of the next generation. She was a contestant on Pinoy Big Brother 8 where she reached second place. She has only been acting for a few years now but is already slowly building a name for herself.

Kyle Echarri

¼ of the Gold Squad is on FanLove. Kyle Echarri gained fame when he appeared on Season 2 of The Voice Kids where he placed 6th under Team Sarah. He is most known however for his starring role in Kadenang Ginto as Kristoff Tejada and the other half of KyCine. Just like his fellow PBB alum, Edward, all the money earned from his messages goes to charity.

Loisa Andalio

We first got to see Loisa Andalio on our screens when she appeared on Pinoy Big Brother: All In as a housemate. On the show, she was dubbed “Talented Darling ng Parañaque” and was the last housemate to be evicted, narrowly missing a shot to be in the final Big Four. Ever since then, she has appeared in her fair share of movies and TV shows.

Maris Racal

Another alumnus of Pinoy Big Brother: All In, Maris Racal made it all the way to 2nd place. Maris is a singer-songwriter, actress, and current reigning meme queen. If you ever wanted Maris to sing for you, give you a special message, or even have her recreate a meme, now you can through FanLove.

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