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13 Celebrities Whose Relationship With Their Mothers Are Goals

The relationship these celebs have with their moms will melt your heart.

From Blythe to Kathryn Bernardo, Maymay Entrata, and many more, the relationships of these celebs with their mothers are honestly heartwarming more than anything.

Nothing will ever quite come close to the love between a mother and her child. It’s the purest form of love and the relationship fostered is one of the longest relationships that last. Your mom can be your closest friend, confidant, biggest cheerleader, and so much more. That relationship lasts no matter what you achieve in life, as the following celebrities prove. Here are 13 celebrities whose relationships with their mothers are complete goals.

Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes has a close relationship with her mother, Belle Brillantes. Andrea stated in the past she sees her mom as her best friend and a big supporter. A scroll over her mom’s Instagram account shows that the love is unequalled. Ever the proud parent, she has posted about her daughter on numerous occasions such as to congratulate her on her career milestones among other special moments, of course. They are so close that some of Andrea’s looks have been inspired by her mom.

Angelina Cruz, Sam Cruz, and Chesca Montano

A scroll of their social media accounts will show that Angelina, Sam, Chesca, and their mom, Sunshine Cruz, have a very warm relationship with one another. The three sisters have expressed love and gratitude to their mom on social media and the feeling is reciprocated by Sunshine every chance she gets. On the professional side, they enjoy working together from time to time, where all four of them have even appeared in ads and commercials.

Heaven Peralejo

Heaven Peralejo is another celebrity that enjoys a close connection with her mother, Luanne Peralejo. She is so close to her mom that when she was on Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, she was dubbed Mommy’s Angel of Makati. On Heaven’s Youtube Channel, her mom has made appearances in a few of her videos like when Heaven’s mom did her makeup in 5 minutes and when the both of them did the lie detector challenge. The two even have matching tattoos.

Ivana Alawi

If you regularly watch Ivana Alawi’s videos, you know that her mom, Fatima Marbella, makes regular appearances. More lovingly called Mama Alawi, she and Ivana have an undeniable relationship with one another. In Ivana’s videos, she and her mom do a lot of things together. Ivana has also talked about how proud she feels of her mom, especially when they used to live in Bahrain.

Kathryn Bernardo

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The relationship Kathryn Bernardo has with her mom, Min Bernardo is so special. Go on Kathryn’s IG account and you’ll see posts dedicated to her mom and talk about how she is a “supportive mom who always holds my hand and guides me every step of the way.” Min Bernardo, meanwhile, has shown the same love back with many posts about Kathryn showing her love and support with the sweetest of messages.

Maymay Entrata

Maymay Entrata enjoys a super close relationship with her mom, Lorna Entrata, that she usually posts emotional and touching messages to her mom on social media. Maymay has also expressed her admiration for her mom and thanking her for everything she has done. In case you didn’t know, she sacrificed a lot as an OFW and a single parent so that Maymay can reach her dreams. And look, now that she has been fulfilling her goals, Maymay has made it a point to give back to her and their family, which is a testament to the values instilled in her.

The Barretto Siblings

The Baretto family is one of the most famous celebrity families in the Philippines and you don’t need to follow showbiz religiously to know that the family has been through a lot. One thing that remains though is the love Marjorie Barretto has for her kids and vice versa. Julia’s admiration for her mom is no secret, but Dani, Claudia, and Leon have all expressed their heartfelt love to their mom whenever they can.

Wil Dasovich

YouTuber Wil Dasovich has featured a lot of people in his vlogs over the years, but one of the few people who remain a constant in his videos is his mother, Charry Dasovich. More commonly called Mudra, she and Wil have done a lot of things on his vlogs from going on trips together, to doing challenges, joining Wil when he went house hunting, and many more. When Wil and his mom are together, you can’t deny they have a special relationship, one of the typical Filipina mom, but also one of best friends.

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