10 Summer Nail Inspos We’ve Bookmarked for Your Next Getaway 

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Cherry cola, dew drops, and metal manis to name a few—we have plenty of new ideas.

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As the sun takes its rightful place in the sky, signaling the arrival of summer, it’s time to infuse some playful pops into every aspect of our lives—starting with that nail apointment. After all, there’s nothing like a manicure moment that complements our OOTDs.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, exploring a tropical paradise, or bringing that vacation vibes to your day-to-day, we’ve got the nail inspo to keep you looking fresh. Here are 10 trends we’ve bookmarked to ensure your fingertips are as fabulous as your next getaway.

Bubblegum Babe

One scroll through TikTok and it’s clear: we’re living in a pastel paradise! Super-sweet pinks, greens, and blues are the stars of the show, and it’s high time we all snagged a front-row seat. This summer, channel your inner bubblegum babe with the prettiest palette of pastels.

Whether you’re diving into maximalist designs that are all about that fun and flair or living for the chic cool look of minimalist tips, there’s no wrong way to rock these dreamy shades. So, grab your nail polish and get ready to paint the town pastel—it’s the sweetest trend of the season!

Crocs and Colors

Animal prints are cult classics, with designs mimicking cows, leopards, and snakes reigning for seasons. However, these once sought-after patterns are making way for a new predator in the style savannah: crocodiles.

Whether topped off with charms or based on a colorful palette, it’s safe to say this manicure is set to crackle, pop, and snap in the best way possible.

Cherry Cola

Much like that caffeine fix from a fountain soda, stay refreshed with Cherry Cola nails. Reminiscent of the beloved beverage, whether you’re channeling a vampy vibe or twisting the shades into something summery, this manicure moment is bubbling up on the trend radar and is poised to pop into viral status.

Dew Drops sojinails

Dew Drop manicures are the freshest water-themed trend making waves in nail art. While mermaid nails have swum off into the sunset of last season, wet nails are making a splash as one of the most captivating looks we’ve dived into this summer.

Designed to mimic—yup, you nailed the guess—glistening droplets of water, this nail trend is taking cool to the next level. And hey, it might serve as a gentle reminder to keep sipping that H2O. Stay hydrated, stay stylish!

Go for Groovy

Throw it back to the ’70s with a color palette that screams retro. Think yellows, pinks, and oranges that bring a touch of vintage flair to your fingertips. This groovy design is perfect for those who love to make a bold statement with their nails, channeling the era of peace, love, and everything funky. Don’t forget to pair these colors with your favorite bell-bottoms and sunglasses for a full-on throwback look!

Island Girl

Embrace the essence of a tropical paradise with floral tips and manicures that feature all things floral. Channel your inner island girl and celebrate the beauty of nature by incorporating tiny blooms and petals into your nail art for a look that’s as fresh as an island breeze. Whether you opt for a single statement nail or go all out with a bouquet on your fingertips, you’ll be carrying a piece of the tropics wherever you go.

Mismatched Manicure

Gone are the days when manicures had to be a single pattern, let alone a plain palette. And if you can’t decide on a nail design, mismatched manicures are made for you.

This trend is the epitome of maximalist beauty, allowing you to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures for a look that’s uniquely yours. Whether it’s a mashup of color-blocked designs or five totally different nails, mismatched manicures undoubtedly make a statement.

Molten Metal

With molten metal nails, reimagine the trending chrome nails—with a twist. Typically made with builder gel to create three-dimensional designs, they’re topped off with chrome powder to give that metallic moment. 

If you’re looking into this manicure, remember that it isn’t limited to the classic colors of silver, gunmetal, and gold.

Spring to Summer

While the classic reds, purples, and blacks hold a special place in our hearts for those chilly months, summer beckons with a promise of color. Swap out the dark hues for a splash of spring to summer shades—think soft pinks that whisper, bright yellows that shout, and cool blues that sing. These vibrant colors not only mirror the sunny days but also add a playful pop to any ensemble, instantly elevating your mood and style.

Strawberry Shortcake

For those with a sweet tooth, the Strawberry Shortcake theme serves a delicious twist on summer nails. This trend incorporates the reds and pinks of ripe strawberries, combined with creamy whites, creating a look that’s as delectable as the dessert itself. Perhaps consider full-on strawberry tips, perfect for picnics, beach days, or anytime you want to add a dash of sweetness to your style.

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