Ring In The Year Of The Tiger In Roaring Style With The Chinese New Year-Ready Collection Of Onitsuka Tiger

Alexa, play Eye of the Tiger.

Ahead of the auspicious Chinese New Year, liven up your traditional and classic red by merging it with the brave and fierce spirit of the new collection of Onitsuka Tiger.

Whether or not one strictly subscribes to the traditions of Chinese New Year, it certainly doesn’t discount the fact that its promise of a refresh. If the collective slump of January hasn’t quite held up to the hope you had at the onset, then the dawn of a new year in the context of Chinese culture is another chance to reset and recalibrate. Falling on the second new moon following the winter solstice, things are looking to be quite auspicious because on February 1 begins the fierce year of the tiger.

Of the rituals and rigors of Chinese New Year that are practiced to sweep away bad spirits and to attract an abundance of good fortune, the gateway to observing the spring of new life is by wearing the lucky color red. While this is still the most common and powerful of practice, Onitsuka Tiger is pouncing on the scene with its roaring collection of contemporary sports-inspired innovations that are above all, comfortable and stylish. It is the year of the tiger after all and what better way to celebrate that than with an eye-catching selection of tiger-printed pieces that will have heads turning, including lady luck.

Get Your Courage On

onitsuka tiger chinese new year 2022
<strong>Get Your Luck On<strong>

Tracing its origins from the ambition of Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, whose vision was to champion the philosophy of sports being able to transform lives, there is a lot more now to the Japanese brand than the signature striped sneaker. Today, it is taking on the world with reinvigorated purpose and precision by fusing athleticism with future-forward sensibilities. At the helm of this shift is its creative director, Andrea Pompilio, who honors the heritage and iconography of Onitsuka Tiger with unique and interesting design propositions.

onitsuka tiger chinese new year 2022
<strong>The Future Of Sports Inspired Fashion<strong>

This is clearly manifested in the Year of the Tiger capsule offering of Onitsuka Tiger, which takes inspiration from the king of the beasts in the Chinese zodiac. In a commanding set of casual pieces and sportswear, the leisure of athletics is the formidable foundation, which is then decorated with slashes of stripes, a smattering of golden orange, and other tiger iconographies. From updated classic silhouettes to fresh new styles, Onitsuka Tiger is offering a wealth of fashionable and functional options for you just in time for Chinese New Year such as tiger-printed socks, graphic shirts, track tops, trousers, shorts, dresses, performance blousons, and of course, the Serrano sneakers. And just like the tiger it takes its cues from, you can and will get your courage on with these pieces, guaranteed.

onitsuka tiger chinese new year 2022
<strong>The Power Of Essentials<strong>

As the tiger begins to burn bright and rule the rest of the Chinese New Year, it is by all accounts bound to be a very special year for Onitsuka Tiger. So, bring on the tiger goods, because as it is another chance to start anew, we are suiting up in stripes as the new moon shines its light on the rest of the year. Here’s to a roaring one.