X-MEN '97

4 Things X-Men ‘97 Has Been Doing Right, So Far

That theme song brings out all the feels.

Over 25 years after X-Men: The Animated Series ended its legendary run, X-Men ‘97 is here to pick up where it left off, and promisingly pull it off.

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Even if you haven’t seen X-Men: The Animated Series (and you probably should if you’re reading this article), you’ve at least seen its impact from everything from the X-Men movies of the 2000s to the MCU at large. Airing from 1992-1997, the series helped turn the X-Men from comic book fave to mainstream stay. And with the X-Men set to make their debut in the MCU, the show’s influence is more relevant than ever. Understandably, the announcement that the show would be getting a long-awaited sequel series called X-Men ‘97 got heads turned and radars lit up with cautious optimism. 

X-Men ‘97, which serves as a direct sequel to the original show, is carrying massive expectations. So, with the show finally on Disney+, does it live up to the hype? We had the chance to catch the first three episodes, and so far, signs are pointing to the positive. While anything can happen in the remaining eight episodes, the first three episodes preview what is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the iconic original. Here are a few reasons why X-Men ‘97 has been hitting the mark, so far.   


X-MEN '97

Set directly after the conclusion of X-Men: The Animated Series, which ended with the supposed death of Professor X, X-Men ‘97 finds the team coping without the professor as Cyclops takes on the role of team leader. But things get more complicated when Magento becomes the new leader of the X-Men as per Professor X’s last will and tries to carry on his mission of human and mutant coexistence.

This plotline of loss, as well as old foes learning how to forgive and work together, makes for a so far engaging storyline as it tests the X-Men in new ways. More than just the action and adventure, the show looks to delve into what it means to move forward, which has the potential to open up exciting storylines later down the line. 


X-MEN '97

Right off the bat, ‘97 doesn’t skimp on giving the action that made the original so popular. The fight scenes are fun and flashy, akin to the 90s cartoon with the X-Men getting to flex their skills accordingly. An early standout is the introduction of fusion powers, which sees the X-Men use their powers in synergy to deliver an epic attack. Those moments are appropriately grand. And another highlight to watch out for is some of the X-Men having their time to shine with bombastic displays of power. No spoilers here, but the way some of the X-Men show off their powers is beyond cool.  


X-MEN '97

Combining modern animation with a 90s sheen, X-Men ‘97 finds that balance and blends between being an animated show made in the 2020s while also paying homage to the iconic visual style of the original series. The result makes for a distinct art style that shines in all the right places and compliments the series to a T while still retaining the spirit of its predecessor. 


X-MEN '97

Ever since the X-Men were introduced in the comics, they have always centered on the message of fighting for the oppressed and those deemed different in society. Acceptance and inclusion are core tenets of the mutants, and that message continues in X-Men ‘97. Those pillars are still there, and as relevant as ever. More than just dealing with the villain of the week in each episode, the show explores the personal and interpersonal threads that make the X-Men, making for rounded characters driven beyond just saving the world. 

X-Men ‘97 is currently streaming on Disney+ with a new episode dropping every Wednesday.

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