7 Worthwhile Things Homebodies Can Do During Holy Week

Time for some R&R.

Just because you don’t have plans to leave the city doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the Holy Week vacation.

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April is about to be rabbit season, and we aren’t just talking about NewJeans. With Easter Sunday on the horizon, many people, especially Catholics, are getting ready for the big holiday considering its importance to Holy Week. As the climax to the Lenten season, it is a full week of anticipation as Catholics around the world mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Of course, aside from being a major religious holiday, Holy Week is also a long break from work, school, or other responsibilities. Many families and individuals use this time to travel, whether it be to their home provinces for family or go on vacation to wherever they desire. Roads, highways, airports, bus terminals, and ports see an influx of traffic. But just because you have nothing planned for Holy Week doesn’t mean you should feel guilty. After all, how fruitful your Holy Week break is isn’t determined by your vacation destination. Here are just a few fun and worthwhile activities you can do this Holy Week if heavy travel isn’t on the agenda.


Tom going to sleep

As simple as that. With at least five days of no work and school, Holy Week is a great time to slow down and focus on yourself. No one is going to judge you for catching up on sleep. This is the opportunity for you to disconnect from the world and enjoy some me-time. Leave stress by the door, do what you want, take several naps, and drink plenty of water. Get that much-needed recharge.


Spongebob and Patrick watching TV

At least five whole days of no responsibilities? Sounds like the perfect scenario to do your favorite free time activity. Those books gathering in a pile at the corner of your room can finally be read. Play those video games you’ve always been meaning to try. Grab some popcorn and get started on that ever-growing watchlist. If you feel like life keeps getting in the way of those activities you hold near and dear to your heart, Holy Week is the time to focus on just that. Put your mind off work or school and spend some, or several, moments doing what you love.


Mateo from Superstore making the sign of the cross

If you are part of and practice the Catholic faith, you may want to spend some time in prayer and reflect on your personal and spiritual journey. Even thirty minutes of silence and reflection at your preferred spot is ok so as long as your heart and mind are in the right place. If you don’t practice or aren’t part of the faith, you aren’t obliged to do any of this. But it doesn’t hurt to spend a few moments of silence. Life is crazy as it is, and we all need to turn off now and then.


An 80s houseparty

All the malls and establishments closed? No problem. Just bring your friends to your place for a good old-fashioned house party. And when we say party, we use that word loosely, because it can also just be a chill get-together of your closest friends as you eat, catch up, drink, play board games, play video games, and even have a sleepover if that’s your thing. The choice is up to you.


Scooby-Doo eating

If you’re in the mood to celebrate, and the budget permits, you may want to spend Easter Sunday enjoying one of the many Easter feasts happening around the Metro. April 9 will see dozens of hotels, restaurants, and establishments open their doors to welcome guests and families to their Easter specials. Or better yet, just get your favorite takeout and enjoy your blessings in the comfort of your own home.  


The Simpsons church

One of the most popular activities done during Holy Week is Visita Iglesia, which is the act of visiting seven churches on Maundy Thursday. Even if you aren’t going to the provinces, there are still many churches around the Metro that you can visit. There aren’t certain churches you need to have on that list so feel free to organize your itinerary to your liking. It doesn’t matter where you go, so as long as you visit these places of worship with a solemn heart and mind.


Scary Movie's Brenda

While most may know that the second weekend of April is Holy Week, it will also play host to another major event, the first-ever summer edition of the Metro Manila Film Festival. Just like with its main Christmas counterpart, eight Filipino films will be screened in cinemas around the country for two weeks. The festival runs from April 8-18 so this may be a good chance to catch a Filipino film in the movie theater. You can check here for more details on the films on offer.  

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