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Why WYP Will Be Your Next Go-To Hangout Spot In Poblacion

A weekend out at WYP is also an opportunity to immerse and witness Poblacion’s famed nightlife.

WYP’s charming aesthetic, delicious food, and refreshing drinks make this bar and resto a must-visit.

Due to the pandemic, it has been hard for most of us to dine out and eat. Most of the time, people tend to order take-out and eat at home. Even if you decide to do so, there’s that fear you have in the back of your mind of what might possibly happen, which can lead to a poor dining experience. But as more vaccines are made available and more people get vaccinated, the chance to eat out and hang out with friends is slowly becoming a possibility again. If you do decide to go out, WYP in Poblacion, Makati should be on your list of must-visit restaurants. To end a long and stressful week of working from home and Zoom meetings, book a table at WYP. Opened in 2020, WYP’s chill vibes, delicious food, and wide selection of cocktails make it a top hangout spot in Makati.

IG Worthy Aesthetics

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Located near UNWND Luxury Hostels in Poblacion, Makati, WYP is a Tiki-themed bar and restaurant. WYP, which stands for What’s Your Poison, may look unassuming on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Think of WYP as a hidden gem. It’s located in the smaller streets of Poblacion and is more discreet than other spots in the area. But that’s what makes it so great. It is a well-kept secret that rewards seekers, adventurers, and dreamers with tropical escapes.

Once you enter the restaurant, the Tiki theme is visible and done well. The restaurant’s lighting and decorations are cool and colorful, bright, cheerful, and festive. The bar area is designed stylishly and looks like a place you want to have a drink in. Nipa ceilings and coconut woodpile walls adorned with vibrant murals transport you to feel as if you are at the beach. Neon signs that say “What’s Your Poison” and “Some Kind of Paradise” bring a sense of fun and humor.

A Chill And Relaxed Vibe

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WYP’s whole vibe is chill and relaxed. It is not just a place to drink or eat. It’s the kind of place where you can have a good time either alone or with a group of friends. WYP is also not too big, so the place won’t feel overwhelming. WYP is the place for you to have a good and relaxed time. This bar and restaurant was imagined as the ideal backdrop for catching up with your friends, sunset sessions, or last drink for the road immortalized through Instagram snaps and stories. Apart from adding a pop of color to your IG feed, WYP was designed in a way so that guests could create cherished memories.

Mouthwatering Food

Of course, you don’t go to a restaurant just to admire its aesthetic. You also go to enjoy the good food and WYP has a great selection of delicious food. The menu is a mix of global comfort food that meets the best of local flavors that can satisfy whether you’re looking for an afternoon snack or dinner. Start with an appetizer like their Billionaires Bacon (big slices of baked bacon with Palawan spiced honey) or Salpicao. You can also get chicken wings like their best-selling Pok Pok Wings (WYP’s take on the Vietnamese fish sauce and chili glazed chicken wings), grilled meats, and rice bowls.

If you want something heavier, try their Crispy Pata ni Chard (12-hour sous vide seasoned pork leg, fried to crisp and served with soymansi and garlic rice). If you’re looking for something simpler, they also offer sandwiches like a Beef Cheesesteak and Grilled Shrimp Bahn Mi. There are also healthy options on the menu like the Grilled Vegetable Cubana or a sizzling plate of Vegetarian Sisig for sharing. If you’re there with a group of friends, try one of the large platters like their all meat platter, seafood platter, and eskinita platter filled with street food favorites like isaw, kwek-kwek, and squid balls.

Refreshing Cocktails and Drinks

While you enjoy your meal, sip on their unique concoctions created by WYP’s resident mixologist. They have two menus worth of drinks and cocktails that mix international and local flavors. You can get a variety of liquors, whisky, rum, vodka, tequila, cognac, and gin. They also sell classic cocktails like Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Aperol Spritz, Amaretto Sour, and Old Fashioned. If you want something a bit simpler, you can also get to choose from a handpicked selection of wine that includes wine Pinot Grigio from Italy, Grand Crus from Saint Emilion, France, Riesling from the US, and Rioja Reserva from Spain.

If you want to taste the best the bar could offer, try their selection of signature cocktails. These drinks were made so that they tell the story of local life, flavors, and seasons. Try the Filipino Summer (vodka infused with basil and chili, lime, and Cointreau), WYP Delight (gin with Midori, simple syrup, and kiwi fruit), The Formula (gin, basil, mint, and grapefruit), Cruel Summer (gin, vodka, lemon, vanilla, strawberry, and egg white), or Rockstar (white rum and malibu rum with simple syrup and buko juice).

If you don’t drink alcohol, they do sell soda, fresh fruit juices, coffee, mocktails, and smoothies that taste just as good.

Good company, a sense of community, great food, refreshing cocktails, and a chill atmosphere all combine to create a unique experience at WYP. They are located at 6236 Manalac St. Brgy. Poblacion 1210 Makati, Philippines and are open from Thursday – Saturday, 11 am – 8 pm. Contact them at 0927 055 7597 to reserve a table. You can reserve the space from Sunday to Wednesday as long as you call them ahead of time.