What It’s Like To Work With HORI7ON For NYLON Manila’s October Cover

Best boys.

HORI7ON served rising star realness when they graced our October cover, but what were they really like behind the scenes? Read on to find out more!

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Whether you’ve been tuned into the global pop group since the very beginning or you just found out about them recently, it’s easy to tell how passionate, hardworking, and lovely the seven boys of HORI7ON are. They came in bright and early to the studio, getting ready for the long day ahead. Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus were every bit the young professionals, but exuded plenty of fun and youthfulness that made the entire team agree: it was really fun to work with them.

The shoot had three layouts that all came together to tell a story of time passing, from dawn to dusk. Individual photos were shot, along with group photos. Then, HORI7ON, clad in their stage outfits as seen on their appearance on Korean music show The Show, sat down with Editor-In-Chief Ayn Bernos for a quick chat about their music, lives, careers, fans, and relationship as a group.

The day was long and busy, but the members found time to dance, sing, joke around, and cheer each other on. Their aura filled the studio, youthful and energetic. While initially a little shy around each other, both HORI7ON and the NYLON Manila team and the crew eventually synced to a rhythm that made the shoot one to remember.

hori7on cover


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“Super professional and fun,” creative director of the shoot and multimedia artist Gelo Quijencio commented about HORI7ON. “They were very G with all the concepts and nararamdaman talaga ang Gen Z energy. You can really tell how passionate and determined they are with their craft.”


@nylonmanila Clearly, #HORI7ON’s a fun bunch even behind the scenes! 🙌🏻 Tap the link to read the full cover story 📲 #NYLONManilaPresentsHORI7ON ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

What’s a shoot without some music? As the shoot playlist included a medley of K-pop, P-pop, HORI7ON’s own music, and the songs HORI7ON performed at their first concert, the members couldn’t help but dance or sing along to it. They made even the smallest spaces beside the backdrop their stage, dancing to songs like SEVENTEEN’s Super, ENHYPEN’s Drunk-Dazed, or Somi’s Fast Forward.


hori7on layout 3

As performers, the boys couldn’t help but do some dance moves while in their spots for a group shot, but when that camera was raised, they morphed into models, giving their best angles and most piercing stares. Tyra would be proud.

When doing a photoshoot, one of the best things to witness is when you get that shot and everyone looking at the monitor voices their approval. That happened with every member, and every time the boys got photographed together. They may be a music group, but the way they moved and the way they committed to the shot were proof that they could make great models as well.


hori7on layout 3

HORI7ON were also so sweet and lovely the entire time. They greeted everyone politely and were so down for everything, even if they were getting shy, like in the charming point TikTok they made together with Shane Sy, our Social Media Associate—whose first day on the job just so happened to land on cover shoot day!

“It was fun working with people with so much energy even behind the scenes. They’re also easy to work with since they’re pretty much down to do anything like TikToks,” she remarks. The members also made their own TikToks and took their own photos and videos in between. HORI7ON’s boundless energy and dedication were awesome to witness, and no matter how long the day went, it was a great time working with them.

Watch the Seated with NYLON Manila podcast episode with HORI7ON on YouTube!

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