michelle dee how to style denim

6 Street Style-Approved Ways To Style Denim, As Seen On Michelle Dee

Head-to-toe denim is back, for the better.

From denim on denim to playful prints and timeless classics, Michelle Dee serves as muse for mastering the art of street style-approved denim looks.

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Michelle Dee isn’t just Miss Universe Philippines 2023 and an advocate for autism awareness—she’s also an actress, model, TV host, and so much more. But if there’s one thing we all know about her, it’s this: she’s killing denim OOTDs like nobody’s business.

Remember Britney Spears’ iconic moment with that all-denim slayage at the AMAs in 2001? While some folks from the past deemed it ‘tacky,’ better buckle up because denim is back and more iconic than ever! If you’re itching for fresh ways to rock denim without feeling drowned or overwhelmed, swipe through these killer MMD looks for fitspos.

Black, White, and Denim

Getting the monochrome memo, Michelle Dee isn’t just playing with black and white; she’s turning up the volume with denim bottoms, a crisp white top, and topping it off with a sleek black blazer (or hey, why not a denim jacket?).

This effortlessly chic combo doesn’t just transition from day to night—it dances through every hour with flair. With denim in the mix, the classic black and white palette gets a fresh upgrade, making it a must-have for every fashionista’s closet.

Classic Combo

Always setting the style bar high, Michelle Dee effortlessly flaunts the classic duo of a crisp white top and trusty blue jeans. This unbeatable combination oozes laid-back sophistication, opening the door to endless OOTDs. Whether spiced up with daring accessories or kept simple, the white top and blue jeans tag team remains a forever favorite that’s sure to steal the spotlight.

Cowgirl Chic with Denim Shorts

Michelle Dee taps into her inner cowgirl, radiating Western girly girls as she rocks denim shorts paired with a bandana top and bold boots. This fun ensemble nods to classic Americana style while adding a modern flair with denim shorts. Whether she’s soaking up the fashion scene at a festival or simply enjoying a laid-back day out, this cowgirl chic look is bound to catch eyes and spark conversations.


Denim-on-denim, once deemed a fashion faux pas, has staged a cool comeback, thanks in no small part to trendsetters like Michelle Dee. Embracing this daring style with confidence, Dee effortlessly pairs denim jackets with jeans, creating a laidback look.

By playing with different textures and washes, she transforms what was once considered a risky move into a fashion-forward statement. Whether rocking it for a casual day out or adding a touch of edge to a night on the town, Dee proves that when it comes to denim-on-denim, there are no rules—only casual cool looks.

Jump for Denim Jumpers

Embracing 90s retro-inspired silhouettes, Michelle Dee effortlessly rocks denim jumpers for a playful and feminine look. Whether worn alone or styled with a breezy blouse, denim jumpers offer endless OOTD options. From casual outings to brunch dates, Michelle Dee proves that denim jumpers are a must-have staple for any fashion-forward wardrobe.

Reviving the Victorian Era

Making a bold fashion statement, Michelle Dee revives the Victorian era with denim corsets paired with modern separates. This combination screams sophistication while offering a fresh take on traditional styling. Whether worn over a flowy blouse or layered with a structured blazer, denim corsets add a touch of drama and allure to this style staple.

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