wanderland 2024 final line up reveal

From Hwasa To Lola Amour, Wanderland 2024’s Line-Up Has Something For Everyone

That's definitely a lineup.

After much waiting, the neighborhood is finally complete.

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Get ready to strut in your festival finest because Wanderland Music & Arts Festival is about to unleash the ultimate sonic spectacle of the year. If you didn’t catch the memo, the lineup for Wanderland 2024 just hit the scene, hotter than a summer sizzler on a tropical beach. The grand revelation went down on a Saturday (January 27), and best believe they’ve sprinkled stardust on that stage.

Crafted with more care than your grandma’s secret recipe, the KARPOS team behind Wanderland delivered a lineup that had people talking. From Hwasa to Lola Amour, behold the artists that awaits you at Wanderland 2024.

Thundercat to Headline DAY 2

Stephen Burner, the mastermind behind Thundercat, doesn’t need an introduction—his discography is basically the party playlist you didn’t know you needed. Snagging two Grammys along the way, Burner crafts a musical fusion that’s the lovechild of jazz and R&B, breaking free from the shackles of musical norms.

But Burner doesn’t just play the bass; he makes it dance to his soulful beats. Picture this: a stage, a trusty bass, and Burner’s charismatic groove turning the crowd into a sea of ecstatic dance moves. If you thought bass playing was all about the low end, think again—Thundercat’s got that covered and then some.

Beats Brought to You by Breakbot & Irfane

A funky fusion brought to life by French DJ Thiabut Berland and the vocal prowess of Irfane, Breakbot is your ticket to a sonic soirée that feels straight out of a French house party. They toss in disco beats, stir in some cutting-edge electronica synths, and voila! Suddenly, any ordinary group of music enthusiasts is swept up in an unstoppable dance euphoria.

Fan-Favorite Indie Swooners

The Walters, rocking their way out of the bustling city of Chicago, have become one of the highly-anticipated crowd favorites at Wanderland 2024. Their smash hit I Love You So didn’t just break the internet; it shattered TikTok with a whopping 10 billion views, making them the cool cats on the indie block. If you’re still new to their music, imagine a surf-pop sound straight out of the 60s boy group Beach Boys, sprinkled with dream-pop blues – a sonic time machine for the hipster in you.

Now, let’s talk about the dynamic duo from down under – Cosmo’s Midnight. These twin brothers, Cosmo and Patrick Liney, are on a mission to conquer the music scene with their catchy-as-hell style. Think EDM meets pop, but with an extra side of funk. It’s the kind of music that’ll have you grooving in the car, shower, or even while waiting in line for your morning coffee – it’s that infectious.

And then there’s Bosudong Cooler, the indie rock sensations hailing from Busan, whose music tells tales as relatable as your daily dose of caffeine. Picture their tunes as the soundtrack to your life – soft-paced songs that touch your soul.

Just like their hometown, their music has the power to make you feel all the feels, and maybe even prompt an impromptu party. So, get ready to ride the indie wave with these musical maestros!

Homegrown Neighbors—New and Old

In the magical world of Wanderland, where the beats echo with the heart and soul of the Philippines, our homegrown talents take center stage. Lola Amour, the hometown heroes from Muntinlupa, strutting back onto the Wanderland stage with their rockstar aura, armed with the tunes that once conquered Wanderbattle 2017. Get ready for a wave of nostalgia as they serenade us with Fallen, Pwede ba, and the anthem of our hearts, Raining in Manila.

But wait, there’s more! GABBA is making a grand return, infusing the air with his guitar riffs, while Jose Miguel magically transports us to the good ol’ days with his timeless tunes.

As Lola Amour, GABBA, and Jose Miguel join forces with other OPM artists like bird., DWTA, Ena Mori, Paolo Sandejas, and Party Pace, Wanderland 2024 promises not just a music festival but a cultural celebration of melodies and memories. Get ready to dance, sing along, and lose yourself in the rhythm of Wanderland’s very heartbeat.

Solo Spotlight

Wanderland’s stage comes alive with a solo spotlight, where stars truly shine. Starting strong with the one and only PJ Morton of Maroon 5, rolling in with his killer keyboard and New Orleans groove. With a track record boasting four wins and 20 nominations from the music’s elite, PJ is set for some serious performance, hitting those keys like it’s the hottest TikTok trend.

Wanderland is also turning up the heat by featuring none other than the South Korean sensation HWASA, a force to be reckoned with from the K-pop phenomenon MAMAMOO. Back in the Philippines as a solo performer, HWASA promises to bring her signature tunes and infectious stage presence to the Wanderland crowd. Brace yourselves for hits like Maria, I’m a B, and Chili, each a semi-autobiographical anthem challenging toxic traditions and celebrating women’s strength.

Now, no need to wander far–Wanderland tickets are available at wanderlandfest.com.

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