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Voter Registration In The Philippines By The Numbers So Far

Here are 9 important statistics that you should know about voter registration in the Philippines.

With voter registration for the 2022 elections set to end on September 30, 2021, here is how the voter registration drive is going so far.

With everything that has been happening in the past year, it’s also important to know that the 2022 elections are less than a year from now. This upcoming election won’t just determine who our next president, vice president, and next batch of 12 senators will be, it will also determine a whole host of elected officials from your next congressman to city councilor. If you aren’t up-to-date with what’s happening with voter registration in the Philippines so far, we’ve got you covered. Here is the voter registration in the Philippines by the numbers so far.

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59 million

That is how many people are registered to vote in the 2022 elections.

According to COMELEC, as of May 28, 2021, a total of 59 million Filipinos have or are registered to vote in #Halalan2022 so far.

73 million

That is how many Filipinos who will be aged 18 and above by 2022.

As per COMELEC, by 2022, there will be over 73 million people in the Philippines who will be at least 18 years old. This also means that there will be 73 million Filipinos who will be eligible to vote in the 2022 elections.

14 million

That is how many Filipinos have not yet registered to vote.

While 59 million might seem like a big number, it’s important to note that there are still 14 million eligible Filipinos who can vote but have not yet registered. To put that into context, the entire population of NCR is around 12.8 million people as per the 2015 census.


That is how many days are left before voter registration closes for the 2022 elections.

Voter registration for #halalan2022 is until September 30, 2021. This means, as of this writing, there are less than 4 months left before voter registration closes. If you do not register to vote by September 30, you can’t vote in the 2022 elections. COMELEC has said that they most likely will not extend registration. So, make sure you and people you know who are eligible, but have not yet registered, do so as soon as possible.

1.6 million

That is how many Filipinos who have registered to vote are first-time registrants.

According to COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez, a total of about 1.6 million Filipino first-time voters have registered to vote as of May 6, 2021.


That is the percentage Millennials and Gen Z make for all registered voters during the 2019 elections.

In the lead-up to the 2019 midterm elections, data from COMELEC showed that Millennials and Gen Z comprised more than half of the electorate at over 53.2%.

46.3 million

That is how many votes were cast in the 2019 midterm elections

Vote Ballot.gif | The Daily Pennsylvanian

Of the 61.8 million Filipinos who were registered to vote by the 2019 midterm elections, 46.3 million cast a ballot. According to COMELEC, that translates to roughly a 74.98% turnout.

7 million

That is how many voters were removed from the voter rolls after the 2019 elections

By the time of the 2019 midterm elections, there were 61.8 million voters in the Philippines. But following the midterms, 7 million voters were removed from the voter rolls. This was mostly due to people failing to vote in two consecutive elections. If you or someone you know voted in the 2016 elections but not in the 2019 elections, make sure to check your voter status with COMELEC.

40 Million

That is how many Filipinos aged 18-39 years old will be eligible to vote by the 2022 elections.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, Millennials and Gen Z, those classified between the ages of 18-39 years old, will make the biggest voting bloc in the 2022 elections at around 40 million people. For context, around 16.6 million people voted for President Duterte in the 2016 elections.

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