Everything You Need To Know Before Celebrating A Whole Week of Music and Advocacy With UP Fair 2024

Everything You Need To Know Before Celebrating A Whole Week of Music and Advocacy With UP Fair 2024

For the people, for the music.

A few days left until you can spend your February 12 to 17 at the annual advocacy-led music festival UP Fair.

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One of the most-awaited university-led events of the year is back. This year’s edition of the annual UP Fair, hosted by the University of the Philippines Diliman Student Council, is once again bringing together advocacy and music together for an entire week at the UP Sunken Garden. With a slew of important topics to discuss, a stacked musical lineup, vibrant artwork, and purposeful intent of protest and advocacy, the UP Fair 2024 looks to be an exciting, educational experience. Check out everything you need to know about the week-long advocacy-led music festival below.


From February 12 to 17, the UP Fair holds six different fair days, with six different themes, six different (albeit intersectional) sector-based challenges and advocacies, and six different lineups. Each day brings something new musically and thematically, organized by student organizations, advocacy groups, brand partners, and more. The whole fair will be held at the UP Diliman Sunken Garden.

Tickets to each UP Fair day costs ₱200 for UP students, and ₱300 for non-UP students. Check out the fair’s social media pages and ticketing sites near the end of this article to find out how you can avail of tickets for each event.


At its very core, the UP Fair has been and will always be a protest. It’s a space where people come together not just to enjoy the music and performances, but also to learn about pressing social issues affecting different sectors in the Philippines as well as Filipinos in general. The week before, UP Fair also hosts educational discussions in line with the advocacy of each theme. Each event also has advocacy partners and advocacy booths present during the fair.

For Monday, Hiwaga with OC Records champions human rights and national sovereignty. Tuesday’s POP Rising in partnership with Rise for Education UP Diliman talks about the state of Philippine education. Wednesday’s Kalye Tunes, with Kadamay x Anakbayan UP Diliman, will delve into the struggles of the urban poor. Thursday’s Quests, in partnership with BAHAGHARI x Gabriela Youth UP Diliman, will explore topics of women, gender, and sexuality.

Friday’s Elements with SINAGBAYAN x NNARA-Youth UP Diliman will put the challenges of peasants and farmers front and center. Lastly, Saturday’s REV Music Festival with KATRIBU UP Diliman x Siklab will discuss the struggles of national minorities or the indigenous peoples (IPs) of the Philippines.


From established solo hip-hop artists to Gen Z P-pop groups, the UP Fair lineup is a stacked roster of singers and performers. Check out the lineup of each day (so far) below, as well as the Facebook pages of each UP Fair day so you can stay updated.

Hiwaga: UP Fair Monday (February 12): Adie, Unique Salonga, Kenaniah, Mrld, Maki シ, Janine Berdin, Healy After Dark, Crash Music, Amiel Sol, Nameless Kids, 12th Street, Chrstn, Ang Mga Baklang Kanal, JP Cuison, GAZERA, rau, Shebu Pacifique (Tickets)

UP Fair: POP Rising (February 13): Josh Cullen, ALAMAT, BINI, Maki, VXON, G22, 1st.One, KAIA, AJAA, Hazel Faith, PLUUS, YGIG, DARLENE, Dez and Del, New Alexandria, Magiliw Street, Johnny Tries To, PABLO x JOSUE (Tickets)

Kalye Tunes: UP Fair Wednesday (February 14): Flow G, Loonie, Hev Abi, 1096 Gang, BLKD x Calix, Omar B, Illest Morena, Repablikan Syndicate, Macwun of Gagong Rapper, Aikee, Jon Bonifacio, Rau., Gin (Glenn Leones), Mhot, kiyo, Ron Henley, Alisson Shore, Morobeats (Tickets)

Quests 2024: UP Fair Thursday (February 15): Moira, Yeng Constantino, Morissette, Mayonnaise, The Itchyworms, Gloc-9, Lola Amour, Munimuni, I Belong to the Zoo, M1ss Jade So, Arizona Brandy, Hana Beshie, ØV CÜNT, Bernie, Autotelic, Maki, Kuatro Kantos, Madeline, Sedusa Hex, (formerly Maryknoll), Hazylazy, Goon Lagoon, Fatigued (Tickets)

Elements 2024: UP Fair Friday (February 16): juan karlos, Sponge Cola, Gloc-9, The Itchyworms, Munimuni, 6CYCLEMIND, The Juans, Imago, The Ridleys, Autotelic, Neocolours, Sandwich, Brownman Revival, Syd Hartha, Maki, Gracenote, Ace Banzuelo, Jed Baruelo, One Click Straight, HEY JUNE!, Of Mercury, CHNDTR, Elise Huang, TIHTUS, Nameless Kids, Andrøid-18 (Tickets)

UP Fair: REV Music Festival (February 17): ALAMAT, BINI, VXON, G22, Lola Amour, Any Name’s Okay, The Ridleys, Over October, Dilaw, Tema, Denise Julia, Al James, DENY, Kylu, Pura Luka Vega, MC Black Dela Merced (Tickets)

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