Stuck in Traffic? Here Is a List of Alternative Transportation Services You Can Book Besides Grab and Angkas

Expand your transpo options.

While Grab and Angkas are many commuters’s go-to for transportation, what are your next options if drivers aren’t accepting your booking?

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In the bustling cities of the Philippines, the notion of Filipino time is often not the primary culprit behind being fashionably late. When someone suggests to ‘leave earlier,’ it hardly stands a chance against the relentless congestion where every hour feels like rush hour. Although booking services and apps offered a promising glimpse into a more efficient and diverse commuting future, the daily dilemma of receiving a notification stating all drivers are occupied is a familiar frustration.

Beating and being stuck in traffic can feel like a never-ending ordeal, but don’t stress. While Grab and Angkas might be your go-to options for commuting, a plethora of other transportation services exists at your fingertips, especially during those moments where you just can’t find a ride on either app. Here’s a list that could help you break free from the gridlock and navigate through the urban jungle.

AVIS: Car Rental Services

From compact cars perfect for the city to sedans ideal for business trips, Avis boasts a range of vehicles, each meticulously maintained to provide comfort and reliability. What sets Avis apart is its user-friendly app, simplifying the booking process for customers. The added services, such as GPS navigation systems and child safety seats, cater to specific requirements, ensuring a hassle-free journey for families and solo travelers alike.

Go Lag: Laguna-Based Transport Service

If you find yourself in the South, you won’t lag in traffic with Go Lag. This transport service caters specifically to Laguna residents, offering an array of options from motorcycle rides to van pooling, addressing the commuting needs of the area. While they don’t have an app, you can check out their Facebook page and website for advance bookings and discounts.

JoyRide: Motorcycle Taxi Services

Similar to Angkas, JoyRide offers motorcycle taxi services, operating in select cities across the urban landscape. It provides an additional choice for commuters who prefer the agility and swiftness of two-wheeled transit over the often cumbersome and traffic-laden option of cars, catering to the diverse preferences of city dwellers seeking efficient and faster travel alternatives.

Move It: Swift Transportation and Delivery Services

Move It is a transportation and delivery service provider addressing both personal and business needs. Specializing in motorcycle services, Move It efficiently maneuvers through urban traffic, offering swift and cost-effective travel solutions for individuals on-the-go. Additionally, the company extends its reach to cater to the logistics requirements of businesses, ensuring timely and secure delivery of goods.

This service’s convenience lies not only in its transportation options but also in its user-friendly interface, allowing customers to schedule deliveries or rides effortlessly through its app.

Toktok Go: The Newest Travel Service in the Market

Toktokgo serves as the newest car service available in the market. Similar to established ride-hailing platforms such as Grab and Angkas, Toktokgo fills a crucial niche, providing an additional avenue for travelers navigating the urban landscape. This app-based service provides various choices, including motorcycle rides, delivery services, and car bookings, catering to the diverse needs of users. Smart Navigation App

When you’re not into booking riders, stands out as an innovative navigation app that simplifies commuting for city dwellers. Recognizing the complexities of urban transportation systems, offers comprehensive route planning, integrating various modes of transport such as trains, jeepneys, and walking routes. The app’s intuitive interface provides users with real-time information on schedules, fares, and alternative routes, enabling smoother and more informed travel decisions.

By empowering users to navigate the often intricate public transportation networks, aims to reduce the uncertainties and challenges associated with commuting.

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