best songs in taylor swift midnights album

7 Tracks On Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Album That Take You On A Wild Ride

"My depression works the graveyard shift"

Thank you Taylor Swift for giving us Midnights. Now, we have an album to accompany us on those sleepless emotional rollercoaster of nights.

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Like most of us, Taylor Swift has dealt with those sleepless midnights and moments when life just seems like a blur. But unlike most of us, the superstar turned to making music to process her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And for that, we are thankful, because the result is Midnights, Taylor’s latest release that she surprised announced during the 2022 VMAs. “Midnights is a collage of intensity, highs and lows and ebbs and flows. Life can be dark, starry, cloudy, terrifying, electrifying, hot, cold, romantic or lonely. Just like Midnights,” wrote Taylor on the LP’s release.

Vibe-wise, Midnights and its 3 AM Edition feel like Lover’s older sister, one that’s more brooding and contemplative, but can still see the bright side of life. As expected, blondie takes the listener on an emotional experience as she clues us in more on the intricacies of her mind. It’s a good thing that Taylor and Jack Antonoff’s partners filmed a movie together in Panama as the duo and their collaborators’ moments together in New York gave us some bops and bangers. Here are seven tracks from Midnights that deserve a play for when you want to feel your feels.


Taylor made sure to leave her depression bops later (we’re looking at you Midnight Rain) in the album as she starts the LP off with this fun number. This funk-pop tune feels like its title, a lavender haze where Taylor and the listener are free from judgment and can do whatever they want. When life seems too hard, Taylor implores the listener to be in their safe space and live their lives. So, if you can’t sleep at 1 AM, just have a dance party in your room.


Ms. Swift really hit the nail on the self-doubting head with Anti-Hero. In this track, her lyrics paint a vivid picture of what people with low self-esteem and that doubting voice at the back of their heads feel. “It’s me high. I’m the problem, it’s me,” she says matter of factly. In essence, this is Taylor’s inner saboteur song. The mid-tempo beats and synths complement this ode to doubt and second-guessing with lines that are relatable and hit extra hard.


As one of the more upbeat songs on the album, Question…? not only feels like a fun listen, but it also has one of the more memorable storytelling vibes. Taylor has some questions for her shady partner, because she’s had enough of his trifling ways. For three and a half minutes, Taylor gets real as she asks pointed questions to her partner about whether or not he’s seeing someone else. It’s concise, poignant, and cheeky at the same time. And Taylor’s mastery of building bridges is on display her, too.


Calling all the baddies and boss babes. Channeling her Reputation era, Taylor is on the prowl and out for revenge. To that end, she even tells her friend that her soon-to-be ex-husband is up to no good and encourages her to keep everything for herself. As she should.

Taylor’s pen was extra mighty when she wrote this gripping anthem about women not letting themselves get stepped on by men. (Fun fact: This is the only song on the album that Taylor wrote by herself.) The heavy beat, meanwhile, complements the track’s vibes so well as if it was ripped straight from the Sin City OST. It’s low-key yet impactful at the same time. We have a feeling this song and no body, no crime would probably be besties.


Listening to Labyrinth feels like floating on a cloud that passes through a storm before ending in blue skies. It’s a euphoric track that touches upon how clouded and lost one can feel as well as how love has the potential to change things. It’s the kind of song best enjoyed when lying down or in still silence as you think about things. This followed by Sweet Nothing is a one-two punch of warm feels.


Karma’s upbeat production gets a 10/10 while its wordplay gets an 11/10. Instead of fearing it, Taylor Swift fully embraces karma, because she knows damn well that she’s on the good side of the aisle. It’s a track all about realizing your haters and enemies will be getting what they deserve and that you’ll end up on top. As Taylor narrates in the chorus, karma can be your bestie and the breeze on your hair on the weekend, but it can also be your worst nightmare.


Taylor Swift has a mind of a master and we believe it. While on the surface, the track talks about two people who knew their relationship was going to happen, it can be seen as a tongue-in-cheek way to reference accusations that she’s manipulative and controlling in her relationships. Regardless, this was a fun way to end Midnights and a reminder how it isn’t always a bad thing to know what you want.

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