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These TikTok Stars Request The Honor Of Your Presence At Villa Bridgerton, The Filipino Glimpse Into The Regency Area

Lady Whistledown awaits.

Bust out the ascots and tighten those corsets, because while you wait in anticipation for the grace and gossip of Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton, you can get the chance to live out your Regency Era romance fantasies in Villa Bridgerton.

The last time we heard from the intrigue of Lady Whistledown, she was teasing her own identity in a succession of scribbles that had us gazing at every flick and flourish as if there was something written in between the lines. “Perhaps I will come forward one day. Though you must know dear reader, that decision will be left entirely up to me,” taunts the omnipresent voice dashed with danger. “Until then, yours truly,” she signs off before riding off into the night. Since then, we have been buzzing for the schemes and secrets of the Regency Era romance of Bridgerton, which has of course, in its charming, clever, and compelling nature become a pure viewing pleasure over a year ago.

While the clash of duty and desire is nigh, with the premiere of season two coming in just a few winks of sleep, there exists a good sense of fiction to quell the famish. Not too far off in the land of legend and literature in London, the fantasy orchestrated by Shonda Rhimes and Netflix is brought to life in the Philippines with Villa Bridgerton.

As if whisked away in time, the sprawling grounds in Quezon city is dressed up in the fashion of the period of excess, complete with a romantic carriage ride, an impressive mansion, and even a court for a coy game of croquette, one is given a glimpse of what it is to live like a debutante (or duke) in a time gone by. Where the binge-worthy show thrives on gossip and grace, there courses an energy and elegance that beguiles at every turn. Even the queen approves.

villa bridgerton netflix ph

Welcome To Villa Bridgerton

The moment one sets foot in Villa Bridgerton, a symphony from a string quartet strikes and soars through the scene, where an assemblage of towering coifs, decadent dresses, and mouth-watering treats occupy the scene for your indulgence. Scenes from the first season immediately come to mind, playing in visceral succession as you make your way through the mansion, but while one naturally relishes in the nostalgia, there is a lot to look forward to in the return of the headline regulars of Lady Whistledown, the Bridgertons. Where the introduction saw us wait in anticipation for what would become of the Duke of Hastings and Daphne after that exhausting season-long chase, the second chapter will delve into the romance and rigors of the eldest of the Bridgertons, Lord Anthony.

But before the dizzying drama unravels on Netflix come March 25, some of your favorite TikTok personalities, and self-confessed Bridgerton fans, want you to get in on the spectacle of it all. Inspired by the Queen, Daphne and Eloise Bridgerton, Penelope Featherington, and the latest additions to the entanglement of of tradition and truth, Kate and Edwina Sharma, Pipay (@pipaykipayy), Ychan Laurenz (@ychanlaurenz), Paula Pelaez (@its_me_paulapelaez), Gaia Poly (@gaiapoly), and Justine Luzares (@justine_luzares) gallivanted into a world gone by mapping out the wonders of Villa Bridgerton. With a wink and nod to their online personalities, they were delightfully in character, sparring stares as if it was an episode of the regal romp.  And just like the glistening tea served, the allure of Ivana Alawi heated up the fantastic foreword, gliding in and out of the grounds before punctuating the open invitation in a searing stare and smile.

Until Then

Now, while your presence is graciously awaited, you must make haste, because slots to Villa Bridgerton is limited, naturally. Everyone is invited, of course, but just like the etiquette that lorded over that period in time, waiting is a royally frowned upon. So, while you count down the days until the return of Bridgerton, you might want to schedule a trip to the world where lust, love, and legend come together in real life. It is one’s wildest dreams come true, for sure, and who knows, you might just lock a gaze with someone that will make you say, as emphatically as the Duke once did: “I burn for you.”

Until then, air out the ascots and tighten those corsets, because Lady Whistledown will be waiting.  

Villa Bridgerton is located at 35 Broadway Avenue, Corner 9th Street, New Manila, Quezon City (Google Maps here) and will be open to the public from March 25, 2022 to April 3, 2022. For more information and to book your free tour of the villa, visit Meanwhile, Bridgerton season two premieres on March 25 only on Netflix.