Harry Styles Love On Tour Manila

It’s Finally Happening: Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Is Almost In Manila

Ready when you are, Harry Styles.

Harry’s house is almost open as we get to experience the record-breaking Love On Tour of Harry Styles with its pit stop in Manila.

It seems that almost everyday, there is always something about Harry Styles being headlined. Whether it be his burgeoning film career, his fascinating sense of fashion, and well, his personal affairs, the spotlight is focused on him. But nothing gets people talking about Mr. Styles than his music. And as it should, because from his early days to the pop culture phenomenon that was One Direction to his prolific and profound pursuit of solo music, his songs have soundtracked the lives of many in more ways than just an earworm or an effect of last song syndrome. Add to the fact that the young man is indefatigable, tirelessly touring across countries, including a history-making run at Madison Square Garden in New York city. With his banner raised in the famed venue and all over the world, Harry Styles is set to take his Love On Tour, which is now on an 88-date international run across 26 countries, further along the map with six shows in Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Manila in 2023.

Setting social media ablaze with the surprise announcement recently, as well as of the pre-sale of tickets for Love On Tour, Harry Styles is ready to capture more hearts as he serenades the adoring crowd with his critically acclaimed and commercially favorite hits from his debut solo album, Fine Line, and his recent release, As It Was. To accommodate all the love from the Filipino audience, Harry Styles is setting up camp at the massive Philippine Arena on March 14, 2023. And if you think people are already fatigued from one concert ticket sale after another (for Love On Tour, it begins today), you’re definitely wrong, because as evidenced by many excited and exasperated posts on many a timeline, the fans are all but raring to enter Harry’s house, even for just one night only.

The Love On Tour Experience In Manila

While a lot of the tour has been shared online, there is still a lot to expect from the Manila stop of Harry Styles. For one, this is a highly anticipated return to the country after his visits in 2015 with One Direction and in 2018 as a solo artist. Then there is the fashion, which is always a joy to witness come to life onstage. In fact, some fans have taken to dressing like Harry for the concert, which is a delight to witness even beyond Halloween. (Or well, Harryween.) Of course, there will always be a lot of love that courses through the halls of the presumably packed concert halls. From heartwarming messages spanning the queer experience, bringing kindness to the fore, or figuring out the term “daddy,” Harry Styles makes sure that his performances are not only fun, but also insightful, making for a searing core memory before eventually saying, “Come on, Harry, we wanna say good night to you.”

Most importantly, Love On Tour is about the music, the very vessel that has propelled Harry Styles from obscurity to a pop sensation already carving his name in the league of legends. It has been a long time coming, so naturally, Manila is already warming up those vocal chords to jam, vibe, and sing out loud to Sign Of The Times, Adore You, Watermelon Sugar, Late Night Talking, and As It Was, among many, many others IRL.

Ready when you are, Harry Styles.

Love On Tour 2023 by Harry Styles will take place at the Philippine Arena on March 14, 2023. Presented by Live Nation Philippines, pre-sale began on November 23. Meanwhile, tickets for the general public are available from November 24 from 12 PM onwards. Please visit livenation.ph for membership signup and pre-sale access.