This Is How Donny Pangilinan Gets His Youthful Charm in 30 Minutes

Quarter life skin crisis no more

Belo’s new face of ADVAYouth laser, Donny Pangilinan, is living proof that you can enjoy your 20s without having to worry about signs of aging that tend to catch up on us later in life

Donny Pangilinan made his debut to the public eye in 2016 as a fresh-faced MYX VJ. Now at 25, the An Inconvenient Love leading man still maintains a boyish charm about him. This is the sort of guy you probably sat next to in class and chatted with between classes, or the guy you met through some niche interest like woodworking or growing Monstera plants. He’s sometimes shy, but always sincere and down for a good conversation. Often, his disarming earnestness makes you feel at ease and you develop a tiny crush on the boy-next-door. 

What is it about Donny that makes him the poster boy of youthful energy? Perhaps it’s his charisma, infectious smile, or his natural ability to connect with people, but mostly it’s his luminous skin. With the help of Belo, he is able to maintain that youthful glow for years to come. 

Era of “prejuvenation”

Donny Pangilinan is the poster boy of youthful energy with his charms and glowing skin

Delivering a gentle skin treatment that offers the benefits of prejuvenation—the skincare movement that focuses on delaying signs of aging for as long as possible—Belo’s ADVALight shows us how age-defying treatments and skincare are no longer reserved for those in later stages of life. Renowned beauty expert Dr. Vicki Belo explains that aging starts at 25, as this is when our hormone levels begin to decline. By starting effective skin routines at a younger age, we can delay premature aging and keep our skin looking radiant for longer. 

The Belo ADVALight treatment, featuring Donny Pangilinan as the new face of ADVAYouth laser, is an essential tool in this prejuvenation process. It’s perfect for people like the actor who are always on-the-go and don’t have the luxury of downtime but still want to take care of their skin. 

But ADVALight is not just for the screen-strapped. It’s for anyone who wants to feel good in their skin. Millennials and Gen Z looking to lead their best lives, whether it’s enjoying the beach or experimenting with makeup, can also benefit from this treatment as such activities expose skin to harmful UV damage such as sun spots that can dull complexion.   

What to expect in a session

Belo ADVALight is for people like the actor who are looking to lead their best lives

The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll only need to do it every two weeks for four to six sessions. But don’t let the short duration fool you. The Belo team has done their research, and they’ve packed ADVALight with all the latest technology to ensure that you get the best results possible. This next-generation yellow laser is the world’s only solid-state laser capable of producing two wavelengths in a single spot. The result is an immediate reduction of vascular lesions, melasma, acne scars, and wrinkles. The treatment is best for pigments, scars, and skin laxity, making it the perfect solution for those looking to revamp their skin and energy. 

During an ADVALight session, a team of experts will assess your skin and make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment. Then, they’ll clean your face, apply a cooling gel to protect your skin, and start the laser process. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation, but it’s not painful at all. They’ll finish off with some serums and voila! You’re all set. 

Donny loves this treatment thats a treat for your skin
Good skincare habits can make results last longer

The real magic, however, happens after the session. You’ll see results right away, but the real improvement happens after a few days. Your skin will gradually become smoother, brighter, and tighter, as the laser stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation. The best part? The results are long-lasting, especially if you practice good skincare habits and maintenance. 

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