5 Secrets We Learned From The Cast Of A Very Good Girl

Who knew?

The cast of A Very Good Girl revealed their juicy secrets in a fun game, and let us learn a thing or two about them—and a little bit about life itself!

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To promote the well-recieved dark comedy A Very Good Girl, cast members Kathryn Bernardo, Dolly de Leon, Kaori Oinuma, Chie Filomeno, and Gillian Vicencio played a secrets game, where they first have to guess whose secret is being revealed before the owner of the secret comes out and admits it. Some secrets were spicy, some were hilarious and out-of-pocket, some were relatable, and some were simply interesting to learn about.

Brave and confident enough in themselves to share their experiences and stories, these five women exemplified a refreshing dynamic that’s authentic, fun, and relatable. While their onscreen dynamic differed in many ways, Kathryn, Dolly, Kaori, Chie, and Gillian showed the genuine relationship they had with each other as they laid bare some secrets and truths that we could all learn a thing or two from. Check out what we took away from these ladies below!


You’ve probably encountered this if you’re into K-Pop or heard about it because of Mila Kunis, but celebrities do lie about their age! Dolly De Leon did for a commercial, and she shares that she often adjusts her age higher or lower since many projects require talent to be a certain age. Kathryn remarks that plenty of people do it, and that there’s often the practice of celebrities having different screen ages and birthdays.


Kaori Oinuma, who plays Rigel in the film, revealed than when she was about 17, she worked as a caregiver for older people in Japan voluntarily during one summer vacation. She helped them eat, wash up, and assisted in daily tasks. The others offered praise for the young artist, admitting that any job like that is hard work and those who do it deserve respect.


This is probably a given, and I relate to Kathryn on a personal level here. New clothes just feel strange—whether or not they’re actually clean, they always “feel” dirty. The actress revealed she hates the smell and the feeling of new or newly-sewn clothes, so it’s a must to clean them before wearing. And this doesn’t apply to just clothes you bought at the ukay-ukay, but also any new clothes you bought in-store or online! Even if the piece was clean, it’s always good to have good hygiene practices.


Kathryn’s truly a girl’s girl. She reveals that if there’s ever a situation where a partner is up to no good, her loyalty is always skewed towards the girl. She sticks to the Girl Code—she would never date a friend’s ex, and she wouldn’t be hesitant to call a friend and tell them what she witnessed if a guy was cheating. “Hindi ako enabler.” Kathryn doesn’t condone any kind of disrespect in relationships, and we should all follow in her footsteps.


From having to pee in plastic bags and plastic cups, to eating boogers as a child, the A Very Good Girl cast proves that they’re just like us, even down to the embarrassing experiences and impulsive thoughts. And by being celebrities so open to talking about them—no matter how mundane—they’re able to perpetuate that there’s absolutely no shame in these very real human experiences, no matter how judgmental we’re growing, exacerbated by the media and the internet. In fact—there’s plenty of humor and respect to be found in them.

“Masarap ang kulangot, guys,” Dolly shares after it was revealed she was the one who ate her boogers at 6 years old. As their secrets were revealed, each cast member, through peals of laughter, showed how respectful and non-judgmental they were. It’s the mark of good relationships, and the fact that they were able to laugh about their stories and experiences, with absolutely no kaartehan or judgment, is wonderful to watch given that a lot of us fear similar kinds of judgment in any kind of friendship or relationship, and even on social media. Dolly encapsulates the essence of it all with a tinge of humor:

“Ngayon alam ko na pag na-ihi ako sa sasakyan, hindi nila ako iju-judge.”

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