11 Things To Consider When Looking For A College Dorm

11 Things To Consider When Looking For A College Dorm

Essentials of dorm life.

Make sure to cross check these essentials before filing that cheque request for your college dorm.

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Dorm hunting could be one of the most exciting moments a college student will ever have. The magic of trying to match with a certain space and the anticipation of what is about to unfold within these new four walls as you move in on your own is incomparable.This is a defining factor in living your college life to the fullest and a big decision. So, we have listed some factors you should consider when searching for the perfect space for you and all your college dreams. 


I don’t know if anybody has told you yet, but being a college student is hella expensive. Sustaining yourself practically comes a long way that is why putting budget as the first factor in dorm hunting is absolutely necessary. Sure, it’s a long-term investment, but going over the top with this justification might hurt you in the long run. If you’re aiming for a dorm straight out of a Pinterest board, investing in the interior might be better.


Deciding whether you want a roommate or not might be a crucial part of kickstarting your dorm hunting. If you do decide to get a roommate, make sure that they are trustworthy, as you will be entrusting a lot of your personal belongings with them. Someone who jives well with your lifestyle and schedule might also make life easier for both of you. All in all, having concrete deciding factors on what kind of roommate you want to be with will be a big help.

Protip: Consider making them take the MBTI personality test. 

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Are you the minimalist or maximalist type? Having a checklist of what you want to bring with you as you move out will help a lot in deciding how much space you need. To be completely honest, as long as you have enough space for a bed and a cabinet, a functioning kitchen, and a designated space for your study area, you’ll live. 


Choosing dormitories that are easily accessible to supermarkets, food chains, laundry services, cafes, and study areas will be much of a great help as you navigate your college life. These are the essential spaces for your survival, so make sure you’re near these establishments.

Rules and Regulations

Curfews, guest policies, cooking policies: these are only a few of the rules and regulation matters you should be considering. We’re putting heavy stress on curfews, especially for college kids who are into the night scene. There are several dorms that do not allow entrance and exit beyond a specific time. If you are the type of person who is into all-nighters, then settling for a dorm with strict curfew policies might not be the best decision to make. 

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Some dormitories and condominiums offer a wide range of amenities, sometimes making these their main selling points. There are places that have indoor gyms, swimming pools, study areas, and convenience stores available within the building itself. For convenience purposes, you might want to consider searching thoroughly if your desired dorm has these amenities.


Speaking of convenience, you might want to check nearby services that might become necessary in the future. Make sure to look into nearby hospitals or medical services, police stations, convenience stores, and again, more eating options. Traveling too far for these kinds of necessities defeats the purpose of having a dorm near campus. 


If you are bringing a car with you, check whether the place has a parking spot that won’t cost too much. There could be instances where parking will cost so much it becomes impractical to use their service. Confirming fees and the like before moving in or even during the time of inquiring is something you must consider. 

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Another important factor in choosing a temporary home is to determine whether the bathroom is functional and not dreadful. Make sure to inquire about the heater, shower functions, bidet, pressure, drainage system, and all the other bathroom function essentials. Having to deal with a faulty bathroom is a deep problem a tenant could have, and we definitely don’t want icky moments like this to interfere with studies. 

Layout and Furnishing

Having a preferred layout in mind before dorm hunting would make the process much easier. There are tons of layout choices. You can get a studio unit, a unit with a separate bedroom and a living room, a house-like model, or even a loft. This goes the same for furnishing. Some dorms offer prior items like a bed frame and a cabinet, but there are also those that offer bare units. If you are fine providing all the materials, this gives you more freedom when it comes to organizing your space. However, if you prefer less hassle, then you may want to opt for a unit that is already semi-furnished. 

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You know what they say, you’ll know it when you feel it. Onsite visits while reviewing all your prospective places might help a lot in determining whether a certain unit feels right to you or not. Feeling the energy of the place and aligning your ~vibes~ with it might sound absurd, but incorporating good energy into your spaces will do a lot for your productivity and well-being.

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