Halloween Nails

Ready for Spooky Season? These 11 Halloween Claws Are Anything But Creepy


No costume? No problem. Even if you’re not playing dress up, Halloween manicures are the perfect middle ground to serve a little spirit.

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Now that we’re obsessing over pumpkin spice lattes, we all know that a not-so-scary holiday is upon us. And when it comes to celebrating this spooktacular season, there are two types of people: those who meticulously plan their month-long Halloween extravaganzas and those who, in the eleventh hour, decide on their look.

Whether you’re well-prepared with parties, horror movies, and over-the-top costumes or rushing everything for the big weekend, there’s one thing that both camps can’t leave behind: Halloween nails. After all, getting manicures are the perfect middle ground between beauty looks and costumes. Ready for spooky szn? These 11 Halloween claws are anything but creepy.

Bloody Mary

Carrie, is that you? When in doubt, bloody nails are a way to go this spooky season. Dress down as the blood-drenched telekinetic teen, and match your creepy costume with this Bloody Mary manicure by Nailee Ph.

Cathedral Ceilings

While everyone else is asking for the creepiest designs, may we recommend a classic? The latest incarnation is a Cathedral ceiling-inspired manicure by Clawphoria Nail Studio.

Corpse Bride

Tim Burton movie buffs would ~die~ for this Corpse Bride-inspired creation by Pampanga-based artist Nails by Caryl. After all, words fall short in capturing the sheer talent it takes to immortalize iconic Halloween figures on these miniature canvases.

Evil Eye

When there’s no time to kill them with kindness, radiate karma with this evil eye moment. That said, we’re welcoming all the positive vibes from Valenzuela-based artist Nails by Nica. This isn’t your typical design either; the blue and silver set is embellished with charms and crystals. Talk about maximum protection from bad energy.

It’s Giving Goddess

If glazed donut nails and astrology had a baby, it would be this manicure moment by Manila-based Mer Nail Studio. While taking the season’s iconic shade of orange, the added drawing, details, and decals are giving goddess realness.

Purple Position

Who says this season should be dark and all-black? You can color your nails with whatever shade you want — like this glimmering purple with stars set by Bacoor-based nail artist, Nailed It by Kim.

Singing Sirens

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve likely noticed under-the-sea sets taking over your FYP. While this particular mermaid manicure was made for the summer, you could twist the idea into singing sirens.

Self-taught nail artist Set by Jas created this stunning set with chrome base blues that channel inner Ariel, but maybe we can change the shades to call upon Ursula.

Just a Teenage Dirtbag, Baby…

To embrace some teenage dirtbag energy, bring back a little rockstar action with this manicure by Cavite-based nail artist, Nails by Lyka. After all, nothing scares our moms more than a rebellious moment.

Tomie Kawakami

Claws by Tenshi recreated the Japanese manga on these tiny canvases with a Junji Ito-inspired manicure. Let’s say that the spiral details on the stiletto set is and added touch of horror.

Witchcore and Wizardry

If you’re all about decals and details, try this mystical manicure by Metro Manila-based Geli Nail Studio. With the cross charms and monochromatic moment, it’s definitely a witchy way to celebrate Halloween.

Play Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo

Sometimes, scaries aren’t just for Halloween. With toxic people all around, it’s spooky throughout the year. If you feel me, maybe try this Vampire-inspired manicure by Eli Nails and feel that hidden grudge with an Olivia Rodrigo playlist.

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