The Kintab Artists Group Exhibit

The Kintab Artists Group Exhibit Will Make You Fill The Void

Art for healing.

Kintab Artists Group offers you a transcendent experience in its Bicolano art exhibit that will help you fill that emotional void from within.

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We turn to art for many different reasons. There are times where we just want an escape from the overwhelming and suffocating realities of life. Or perhaps we need a calming companion as we search for meanings to make sense of it all. And sometimes, when the going gets even tougher—when everything just seems to be a confusing and distressing blur, when emptiness crawls from within us—art significantly helps us mend that gaping hole and fill the void. This is exactly what a group of Bicolano creatives named Kintab Artists Group envisions in their ARTablado exhibit entitled, Kanigoan.


Kanigoan is a Bicolano term which means to fill something empty whether it be physical, emotional, or conceptual. This is the chosen theme of the Bicol-based Kintab Artists Group for their exhibit presented by Robinson Land’s creative platform ARTablado.

“The title of the exhibition is the perfect piece of a puzzle that captures the very notion of art. A filler to a void,” states artist Vladimir Gutas in the exhibit’s rationale. “Its resonance transcends the physical. It touches on the inner workings of well-known emotions, bridges cultures, and disrupts norms and status quo.”

Since their foundation in 2013 in a small town in Camarines Sur, Kintab Artists Group has been actively championing and propagating Bicolano art and talents as well as promoting the region’s diverse cultural heritage and rich local history. This year, the group offers a panoply of visual experiences through 80 artworks made by more than 20 artist-members. 

ARTablado, on the other hand, was launched by Robinsons Land in 2020 during the National Arts Month, as a part of its commitment to empowering and showcasing the mastery and ingenuity of Filipino artists. A portmanteau of “art” and “entablado,” ARTablado has hosted 29 exhibitions so far and has given a platform to over 150 emerging and established Filipino artists. Its mission is to even expand its portfolio and to include photography, architecture, film, cultural artifacts, literature, music and performance art in its future editions. It has also been actively supporting Kintab before, hosting their exhibitions in its hometown in Naga. 


“We are not designed to be alone,” adds Grutas. ”We may believe we are empty on the inside, but we may simply be the fulfillment or completion for someone else.” Kanigoan features the works of Albert Serrano, Aldrin Amaro, Bob Maltizo, Claireyenne Malanyaon, Cris Fragata-Gomez, Dennis Concepcion, Edgar Baesa, Elden Lumaniog, Gladys Borromeo, Harold Gomez, Jaime Coralde III, Jojit Begino, Jurrel Magistrado, Lea Gan, Lorenzo Miguel Credo, Mac Allison Calleja, Marivi Abas Encinas, Mary Rold Gomez, Mia France Dorosan, Michael Florano Sales, Nick Valenzuela, Noe Garcia, Ray Ubaldo, Renalyn Borebor, Reymel Gonzaga and Richard Cruz.

“We are cups that are expanding. We are beasts that are always hungry,” Grutas continues. “This exhibition may not be the fill that these Bicolano artists hoped for, but it will certainly fill questions of identity and their place in the artworld.”

Now fill that void and catch the Kanigoan exhibit until October 31 at the Level 3 of Robinsons Galleria. Visit the Facebook pages of ARTablado and Kintab Artists Group for more information about the event.

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