5 Times Taylor Sheesh Was An International Star In Her Own Right

5 Times Taylor Sheesh Was An International Star In Her Own Right

Long live Taylor Sheesh.

Just like Taylor Swift herself, drag artist Taylor Sheesh is taking over the world, one city at a time.

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been one of the most iconic pop culture moments in recent history, spawning plenty of viral videos, performances, memes, covers, stories and pop culture moments that can stand on their own. One emergent moment extremely relevant to us is that of the story of Taylor Sheesh—a drag persona taken by one Mac Coronel.

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Taylor Sheesh as a drag performer has provided much-needed dosages of Taylor Swift to those unable to attend an Eras Tour concert themselves (ahem, Filipinos), but has grown to be an icon in her own right. Her performances have attracted crowds of hundreds, even thousands—all participating in a celebration of music, performance, and artistry all drawn from the music, energy, and stature of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Sheesh has brought her own Errors Tour, where she performs Taylor Swift songs clad in extravagant Eras Tour outfits, to different cities in the Philippines, and she’s now going international with performances and press coverage abroad. From Manila to Singapore, Cebu to Melbourne, here are some moments where the performer has become a global icon in her own right.


While Taylor Sheesh has been in the drag and impersonation game for a while (she has been impersonating Taylor Swift since 2017), her most viral success came right at the heels of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Her free mall performances in full Taylor Swift garb, down to recreations of the singer’s iconic Eras Tour outfits, has gained traction all over social media—and not just in the Philippines. People in Tokyo and Japan have come up to the performer to pose for photos, and posts on X in different languages show just how pretty popular Taylor Sheesh is across the world.


From Rolling Stone to Vulture, Taylor Sheesh and her performances have been featured in international publications, all exploring her intent, impact, and the social and pop-cultural circumstances that led to her massive success. Sheesh told Vulture that the Errors Tour simply emerged from a desire to “celebrate and experience the Eras Tour as much as possible.” In these international interviews, Sheesh reveals the work that goes into the Errors Tour and her love for Taylor herself. People all over the world also get a glimpse of the talent and effort that goes into the performances, as well as the growing support.


@heyyitsmeroy TAYLOR SHEESH 1st International gig in Singapore 🇸🇬🎉 Had so much fun with her performance in our One Party, One MBS (company party) sobrang nakakaaliw sya grabe 🫶🏻 more gigs to come taylor sheesh, ipakilala mo kung sino ka 🇵🇭 ! manifesting na mainvite sya ni taylor swift sa eras tour🤞🏻 #taylorsheesh #theerastour #taylorswift #singapore #mbs #dragqueen #pinoy ♬ original sound – 𝕽

Taylor Sheesh’s first international performance was in Singapore in late 2023. “Naunahan pa kita @taylorswift13 makapunta sa Singapore,” she wrote in an X post. She will also be returning to the country this March for her own headlining performance at the Hard Rock Cafe.


Fresh off her Melbourne show, Taylor Sheesh appeared as a guest on the Today Show Australia. “We didn’t expect that will have a massive crowd,” she remarked about her Fed Square performance. “The Aussie Swifties are insane.” Taylor Sheesh also had a guest appearance on Good Morning America late 2023, where they introduced the drag queen and talked about her virality and growing popularity.


It wasn’t just Kathryn Bernardo and Anne Curtis who lived their Taylor Swift fantasy in Australia recently. After seeing Taylor Swift in Tokyo, Sheesh went to Melbourne and performed her own set of iconic Taylor Swift songs, invited by Fed Stage. Who could’ve thought a drag artist lipsyncing to the blonde superstar in mall shows in the Philippines would get to perform her own show at an outdoor festival stage in Australia? A huge crowd cheered on Taylor Sheesh, solidifying her icon status across seas and country boundaries.

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