A Student Used Her Presentation To Call Out Her Lazy Groupmate

As she should.

What do you do when you have that one lazy groupmate? For one student, it meant satisfyingly that person a lesson in front of their teacher.

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been victimized by a horrible groupmate. Group projects are either some of the most exciting moments in school or the bane of your school life. Finding proper groupmates is like finding the perfect pieces for a puzzle. When they all fit, it can become a seamless and even fun experience. But when you have that one or two pieces that are off, oh boy, things can get messy.

You, or someone you know, may have had that experience of working with a groupmate who was just not carrying the fair weight of the undertaking. It truly can get aggravating. This was the experience that Patty Chua was going through for her project. But instead of letting it slide, she did what many of us would have loved to do and publicly called that person out, no less during their class presentation.


In a TikTok video that Patty posted on he account, she shared a clip of her presentation during class. During the tail-end of the presentation, she used the moment to teach her freeloading groupmate a lesson, just like everyone did in the memorable gym scene of Mean Girls. With the caption, “when you’ve had enough of your freeloader groupmates,” she bluntly said, “Not all six of us cooperated well, and if I’m being honest, not all worked equally, then there are selected members who work really hard, while there are also members who did not meet the bare minimum.”



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She wasn’t done though as she went for the jugular. “Thank you so much for listening. I would like to end this presentation with a quote, lazy people are full of excuses and will say anything to avoid the action.” The quote used came from the book Faith and Prosperity Combine by Darell Reynolds. And as the sweet and satisfying cherry on top, she said something that high-key we would put as our yearbook quote. “Enjoy the free ride. It’s not forever and this is a group work, not a charity work.” Period. Considering how the video went viral and raked up over 1.1 million views, its clear a lot of people agreed with what Patty did. It was that kind of call out that would have been so satisfying to do and show that pabigat groupmates aren’t going to get a free pass.



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Patty never said the name of that lazy groupmate as she believed that the person could change for the better. But she did allude to the situation in another video. In a skit, it looked like that groupmate took advantage of Patty’s kind reputation and told her that they wouldn’t be able to do their part because of WiFi issues at home. But to Patty’s shock, she saw that the groupmate posted on their IG story that they were out partying that same night. She was understandably not having it and that was when she decided to call that person out during the presentation.



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So, what does her groupmates and teacher think about it? In a follow-up video, she shared her prof’s reaction to the presentation and he enjoyed it. He said that it was like listening to a marketing executive and that she could be a very good marketing executive, marketing manager, or project manager in the future. We have a feeling Patty and her groupmates got a good score for their presentation. Hopefully, whoever this A-tier shade was directed towards learned their lesson. And for those out there who are going through the same struggles, you may have just discovered a new way to hand it to them.

Aside from the spectacle of it all, we think we can learn a lot from this moment. For starters, when you are in a group work, it means you have to do the work. Pull your equal share of the weight. Don’t try to come up with weak and fake excuses to get yourself out of doing work. If you feel uncomfortable doing certain tasks, then talk to your groupmates about it. Discuss what you feel you can do, but make sure it’s more than just putting down your name on the report.

Second, there is a premium with becoming groupmates with that one person who’s nice and does most of the work. But let’s not take advantage of these people. So what if that person is kind and can shoulder the work, that doesn’t give you the right to use them. You should be helping them, not abusing their kindness. Finally, this is also a sign for those of us who are struggling with difficult groupmates that you shouldn’t just sweep it under the rug. Learn to assert and stand up for yourself because if you let it slide, the cycle might repeat in another project. If they are a bad groupmate, tell them or inform your teacher because it needs to be said.

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