jake enhypen nylon manila cover

Regarding The NYLON Manila 2022 Fanzine

It was an honest mistake.

On October 9, NYLON Manila launched its 2022 print fanzine with K-pop stars ENHYPEN on the cover. However, after its release, it has come to our attention that there was an error regarding the information of Jake’s birthday. His birthday is on November 15, 2002, but the fanzine mistakenly lists it as 11-25-2002.

During the production of the fanzine, the team sent over all the files to HYBE for fact-checking and approval. However, in the process, there was a miscommunication between both teams that led to Jake’s birthday being written as 11-25-2002. Unfortunately, this was included in the final file.

Clearly, this oversight was an honest mistake, which we sincerely apologize for, especially to Jake. This incident, which won’t occur again, has since been addressed. Rest assured that all future fanzines will feature Jake’s correct birth date.

And speaking of Jake’s birthday, his is coming up soon. Let’s show all the love possible for our favorite multi-talented Aussie as he turns 20. Just like this labor of love for all of our best boys, ENHYPEN, this calls for a celebration.