star magic prom 2024

3 Star Magic Promposals That Look Low-key Better Than Going To Actual Prom 

Talk about living the fantasy.

How does being promposed to in the middle of the Dubai desert sound?

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With prom season fast approaching, the return of the vaunted promposal is here. While not a requirement for students to go to prom, it is one of the most anticipated moments of the season as people plan a multitude of ways to ask their special someone to go to prom with them. From simple flowers to an out-of-town trip, the promposal can take many forms, and not to mention come with a variety of emotions.

It’s something even celebrities face, as seen in the upcoming Star Magical Prom 2024. Star Magic’s second annual prom has our fave Kapamilya Gen Z stars planning ways to pop the question, with some going the extra route to the point where the experience is something we wouldn’t mind doing instead of prom. Scroll down for a few of the Star Magic promposals that radiate “If they wanted to, they would” energy. 


Out-of-town promposal? Seth Fedelin said, “Hold my beer” and did one better this year. When Seth and Francine Diaz were in Dubai for a concert, Seth decided that popping the question in the country was the right moment. And he didn’t do it over a candlelight dinner, but while they were in the middle of the desert. With a rose and a piece of paper asking if Francine wanted to go to prom with him, Seth pulled it off with the Gen Z actress saying yes. And just to be extra sure, Seth promposed to her again during the actual show. 


You’re on Valorant taking Ws, then the next someone is promposing to you on the livestream. That’s the case for Vivoree and Brent Manalo, as the young actor and model decided to pop the question while Vivoree was in the middle of a Valorant livestream, and at her house, no less. Chat, is this real? As you can imagine, Vivoree said yes, much to Brent, the people in the room, and the livestream chat’s delight. 


Sure, you could do your promposal over dinner. Or you could do it during dinner in Antipolo with a stunning view of the province. For his promposal to Criza Taa, Harvey Bautista made it special by having an intimate outdoor spread with Criza outside the Metro. What Criza thought was a shoot for a look test for a project turned out to be Harvey’s touching gesture, much to her delight and surprise. And while Criza went to last year’s Star Magical prom solo, this year, she has a date after saying yes to Harvey. The CrizVey ship is sailing strong.  

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