Stacey Ryan

Stacey Ryan Is Bringing Jazz To Gen Z Pop

If we never try, how will we know?

Fall In Love Alone singer Stacey Ryan is more than just a one-hit-wonder.

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It’s a story that feels tailor fit for the Gen Z. A young musician releases music on TikTok. Her talents and songs gain traction on the platform. She then gets a track that goes viral and is used in millions of videos. Eventually, she signs a record deal with a major label and is now a star on the rise. That story is what 21-year-old Montreal native Stacey Ryan can relate to, because that’s what pretty much happened in her career when Fall In Love Alone became a hit.

But while some may want to dismiss her as yet another viral young musician, Stacey is bringing genuine talent to the table. Behind the story of a young artist trending on TikTok is a Gen Z star whose love of jazz and music might just take her far.


Music has always been an important part of Stacey’s life. She practically grew up with it. Aside from singing and songwriting, she also knows how to play the piano and guitar. “I started playing piano when I was like nine years old,” shares the young musician. “I had a teacher, a jazz piano teacher actually for like 10 years. And then I started playing guitar like kind of in quarantine.”

She spent three years in school studying jazz before she decided to pursue music full-time. Her jazz influence isn’t just seen in her studies. It also touches upon her music, hence the vibe of Fall In Love Alone. She cites jazz icons like Dan Brown and Elvis Costello l, as well as more contemporary artists like Kelly Clarkson as idols. She even shared that she used to go to jazz jams every week while in school in Montreal.


TikTok is a special place for Stacey Ryan. That’s where she was discovered when her open verse challenge, which has since become her other hit Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk, landed her a record deal. “I never thought that a big variable like that would happen again,” expresses Stacey. “And I didn’t expect it because if you expect it too much, and it doesn’t happen, I’m just gonna get disappointed. But then it did with Fall In Love Alone.” And speaking of…

When Stacey dropped Fall In Love Alone back in May 2022, it wasn’t an instant hit. Those who heard it though fell in love with it thanks to its wholesome nature and mix of pop and jazz. As many have noted, the chorus is a euphoric expression of pure love and going into things just for the sake of it. It really was a matter of time before the song would find an audience, and did it. A few months after the track was released, it started picking up steam on TikTok, especially the chorus, where a popular sped-up edit, which has since been released officially by Stacey, became the go-to sound for many.

The way the sped-up edit sounds and the lyrics made it the perfect song to soundtrack any wholesome moment you could think of. Soon, it blew up, being used in over a million videos and racking up 42.7 million streams on Spotify alone. It was a moment Stacey understandably didn’t see coming. “I was not expecting that song to viral. All of a sudden, it just started taking off. And we didn’t really know how it happened. And then we looked on TikTok and we saw, like the trends with the sped-up versions and everything.”

So, between the original or sped-up version, does Stacey have a preference? “I definitely prefer the original. I think the original is the one where you can just hear all like musical elements in it.” That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any love for the edit though. “I’m really, really enjoying like, just how happy the sped-up version sounds. And like, I think it’s so cool that people kind of took that initiative and sped it up.”


Love is a strong theme in Stacey’s music, and it’s quite ironic that her two biggest hits to happen to revolve around love at their opposite ends. Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk was about a guy who, surprise, texted Stacey when he was drunk. “I was like, You shouldn’t have done that. Because you’re saying stuff you don’t mean, right?” she recalls.

As for Fall In Love Alone, it came from another guy with who she was too afraid to share her feelings. “So basically, the song is like what I wish I could say, you know, because I’m, like, very shy to talk about my feelings. But at the end of the day, we did like each other. So, it worked out well for me.”

Regardless of the separate themes though, her music has touched many people with its relatability, which is something she holds dear to her heart. “I’m super grateful that people listen to the stuff that I’ve created from my personal experiences and kind of like can relate to it in their own way.”

The relatability is evident in the fact that she flew to the Philippines for promotions (the country is one of the top countries in terms of streams for Stacey). While TikTok may have given Stacey Ryan her start in the industry, it’s clear that she has that talent that makes her more than a one-hit-wonder. Given the absolute vibe that is Fall In Love Alone, we can’t wait to see what else she has to offer.

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