Classic Meets New In SHOWNU X HYUNGWON’s 2PM Homage With Their Spotify K-pop ON Single 

They made it their own.

Giving a new spin to a 2PM hit track, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON celebrates the idols who have inspired them.

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In the intersection of the Venn Diagram of MONSTA X and 2PM, you’ll find an abundance of similarities between the two K-pop boy groups. Not only has MONSTA X covered a few of 2PM’s classics such as Heartbeat and Again and Again, but also how 2PM has influenced a part of MONSTA X’s identity. After all, 2PM is widely associated with the “beastly idol” term, which is used to describe boy groups with a tough and manly persona. 

It’s an influence that would shape future artists, such as MONSTA X. So, it only felt right that Shownu and Hyungwon were tapped to be the next artists in Spotify’s K-pop ON! First Crush campaign with their tribute to 2PM. 


In celebration of the anniversary of Spotify’s K-Pop ON! Playlist, the streaming company has been throwing it back with their K-Pop ON! First Crush campaign, which celebrates those artists that became our first stan, bias, bias-wrecker, and so much more. After debuting with ENHYPEN’s cover of BTS’ I Need U, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON, who debuted as a sub-unit in 2023, are up next as they reminisce the roots of their love for the genre. 

To that end, the duo dropped a heartfelt cover of one of their favorite songs from back in the day. The track is an ode to the soundtrack that shaped their journeys as both K-Pop fans and idols, 2PM’s I Hate You. It’s a showcase of their respect for their seniors while also championing the duo’s creativity and artistic talents. 

But aside from streaming the cover, PH Monbebes can also get in on the action through a special giveaway. We are giving away five exclusive SHOWNU X HYUNGWON polaroids! Want to know how you can win? Read on below for the mechanics.  

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While the duo and 2PM aren’t in the same company, they have connections on other levels. From one beast idol to another, it made for a great pairing. “At the time, they (2PM) were the true symbol of Beast Idols. The fans requested it a lot too,” says Shownu in a Spotify K-Pop ON! Talk Video. Hyungwon gets nostalgic as he looks back on where they came from as a group to doing the cover now as a duo. 

“I remember we performed Heartbeat as a group (Monsta X). But as a unit with you (SHOWNU) and preparing 2PM’s song in our own colors, I felt that it was a new kind of vibe. And performing a 2PM song that I watched growing up felt really meaningful while we prepared for it.” Now in adulthood, the cover hits extra special. As Hyungwon puts it, “[S]ince it’s 2024, in comparison to when we listened to the song as kids, we’ve become a lot more mature. A lot of time has passed for us to express those emotions, so I think the performance will come out even better.”  


Their fresh take on the 2009 hit goes beyond a simple one-to-one cover. Their rendition of I Hate You features UK garage rhythms layered with dreamy sounds and a solid bass for an R&B-inspired arrangement. With their mesmerizing vocals, the duo delivers the weight of the song’s emotions with a sense of coolness and their unique suave. 


Done before Hyungwon’s enlistment, the cover offers a refreshing marriage of the duo’s style and the original track’s flavor. “What we sang and what 2PM sang have a slightly different vibe,” voices Hyungwon. Adding to the cover’s distinct energy, Shownu shares, “We don’t have TAECYEON’s fierce rap, where he’s spitting bars. I Hate You (2024) is more of a mellow R&B style song than fierce.”

In the same way that we have those artists who have inspired us to listen to K-pop and even pursue certain professions, so too does Shownu and Hyungwon with 2PM. They grew up watching and admiring their seniors. Their respect for the group goes deep. This is why instead of a simple cover, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON delivered a version that is more unique to them while still honoring the original. “What 2PM showed is something that only 2PM can show. So rather than doing it exactly the same, we mostly focused on changing it to fit our own style,” states Hyungwon. 


While the original had a more upbeat and pop sound, the duo’s version features a more R&B flare. As Shownu puts it, “If they were more intuitive and had a strong, wild aura about them, we have a more emotional and gentler kind of performance.” The final product proved to be a fun time for Shownu and Hyungwon as they covered one of their inspirations in a way only they could. A homage to one of the first loves that looks to the past while also having an eye towards the future. 

Special thanks to Spotify, ARDENT, and Starship Entertainment 

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