This Short Film Shows How Turing Became The Financially Independent Star That She Is

Talented, proud, and financially stable.

With the help of GCash, Turing, along with other LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs, was empowered to follow her dreams and work with Pride.

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You probably know Turing as the confident drag artist serving looks and fierce lip syncs and making plus-size men and women feel seen and heard. But before Drag Race Philippines gave her the platform to spread her gospel of positivity, she was a working queen hoping to make it big, and more importantly, pay the bills as her family’s breadwinner. Her success didn’t come overnight. But there were those ready to help the queen during her more challenging times, such is the case with GCash. And it’s a story that’s highlighted in this short film that will have you rooting for the queer underdog.


GCash Stories, Gcash’s initiative to highlight inspirational tales of Filipinos, is back with a new narrative. And in time for Pride Month, the focus is on Drag Race Philippine’s season 1 fan favorite, Turing. The drag artist, who serves as the face of GCash’s Werk With Pride advocacy for Pride Month, stars in a powerful new release directed by Antoinette Jadaone.

It celebrates pride through the story of the strength and persistence of Turing and GCash’s commitment to inclusivity and financial empowerment. The short film, simply titled Turing, turns back the clock on the star pre-Drag Race Philippine fame. The film spotlights her aspirations and determination to succeed in life while showing the challenges faced by breadwinners striving to make ends meet.


As many breadwinners can relate to, Turing wants a better future for herself and her family. With the help of GCash, she chases that dream as she works with Pride and reassures her mother, “Ako nang bahala sa pag tambling, Ma,” despite the struggles their family faces. During the pandemic, many drag queens were forced to perform on livestreams in their homes, and Turing was no exception. Still, despite the hurdles it brought, Turing powered through them. Overcoming tears, she performs in her living room, cheered on by her family and supported by GCash, enabling her to receive tips from fans all around the country.

“Sobrang proud ako sa film na ‘to, kasi it really showed how GCash was there during some of my most challenging times,” shares Turing. “Especially nung lockdown kasi virtual shows lang ang nagagawa naming drag performers kasi sarado lahat ng bars and clubs, ang laking tulong ng GCash para makatanggap kami ng tips in real time, and I got to continue doing what I love the most.”


A story like this is worth celebrating, so, GCash rolled the blue carpet for the premiere of Turing’s GStories film at the GTalks: Werk With Pride event last June 22. As a space for meaningful discussions on topics that impact the everyday lives of Filipinos, this edition of GTalks focused on celebrating the local LGBTQIA+ community. Specifically, the talk spotlighted how queer artists and business owners get to live freely, work proudly, and strive for their goals with the help of GCash and its services.


To that end, the Werk With Pride event also featured a panel discussion with LGBTQIA+ business owners and entrepreneurs Gabby Cantero, Butterboy co-founder Hilder Demeterio, and Nariese Giangan of Food for the Gays, where they shared their own success stories with GCash. They were also joined by LGBT Chamber of Commerce Representative Atty. Quino Reyes.


In a time when acceptance and respect for the LGBTQIA+ community still have their ways to go, we are reminded that queer people also deserve the opportunity to follow their aspirations while still being true to who they are. Regardless of who you are or what you aspire to, nothing should stop you from achieving those goals and securing that bag. And that is something GCash supports with their slew of accessible financial services available any time of the year.

GCash and Turing

From GLoan, GInsure, and Scan-To-Pay, there’s a whole host of services LGBTQIA+ individuals and business owners can avail themselves of. “We understand the needs of our customers and will continuously innovate to provide accessible financial services for Filipinos, regardless of gender, background, or preference,” says Neil Trinidad, Chief Marketing Officer of GCash. “Like Turing, there are many stories of hope that inspire us to continue to help uplift the lives of Filipinos.” So, go out there and #WerkWithPride.

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