Setting Spray Vs. Fixing Spray: Which One Is More Necessary?

A little spray goes a long way to last the whole day.

Figuring out how to keep your makeup stay all day? We figure out the difference between everyone’s go-to, the setting spray, and a newly developed long-lasting fixing spray.

Locking in a full face of makeup is key for a transfer-proof beat. But in this humid climate, it might feel impossible. The combination of heat, layers of products, and a mask can turn into a sticky situation at the end of the day. Whether your mug is painted or you feel like sporting a natural beat, you want it to stay on the whole day. However, longevity depends on your skin type, the products that you use, and the technique of application. 

In more recent years, beauty gurus, makeup artists, and enthusiasts have been focusing on the base. Gone are the days when foundation looked plastered. Now, there is an emphasis on skin looking like skin, even in the presence of multiple layers of makeup. As a result, brands continue to innovate products to help achieve a skin-like complexion with long lasting power. Products such as foundation, primers, setting and fixing sprays are all the rage nowadays.


A pro-worthy trick that professionals advise to keep your beat in-tact all day is spritzing a finishing spray at the end of your routine. Think of it this way; when curling or straightening the hair, we use hairspray to keep the hair locked in place. A finishing spray has the same concept; It serves as an added layer of protection to keep your makeup from moving all day. The problem however, is that there are so many types of sprays in the market. 

From the word “set,” it’s a no-brainer that a setting spray is a product used to keep your makeup fresh and budge-proof. Everybody and their mothers know that it’s the last step to keeping everything in place—but this isn’t always the case. Enter the latest beauty invention: the fixing spray. So, what’s the difference and which is most necessary? 


finishing spritz by grwm by chromaesthetics
Photo by grwmcosmetics

Though these products have existed in the western sphere, there’s been a lack of finishing sprays in the local market, especially ones that actually live up to the name. Recently, local beauty brand GRWM Cosmetics released the very first locally-made fixing spray, and word on the street is: It is that good. 

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In a recent TikTok, Mae Layug, beauty mogul and CEO of GRWM Cosmetics, shared the process of how the fixing spray was produced. She also discussed the difference between a setting spray and a fixing spray, as to address the confusion. “When you say fixing spray, eto ‘yung nag l-lock ng makeup. Eto ‘yung mga ingredients na may PVP, co-polymers, acrylates. When you say setting spray, eto ‘yung mga hydrating, and ang ginagawa ng setting spray is to actually melt the makeup,” says Mae.

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Essentially, a setting spray binds and melts the layers of makeup to marry the products together. While a fixing spray, because of its ingredients, is used to help your makeup last longer. Atlanta-based professional makeup artist, Atreona Willis, explains the difference accurately, as seen on her TikTok. 

Both products serve a different purpose. It’s up to you pick which one stands out the most. You may use both in-between makeup applications or choose one product that works for you. At the end of the day, it all depends on which spray works well with your skin type. Added tip: If you have oily skin, it’s best to use a matte finishing spray, and for the dry complexion girlies, a dewy finishing spray may be an option for you. 

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Looking for the perfect setting spray? Beauty TikToker and makeup artist, Miss Nate, has a few recommendations for you to try. 

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