SB19 Talks About Breaking Into The World Stage In Their ‘K-pop Generation’ Spot

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Because of their rise to fame and undeniable global impact, SB19 was featured in the South Korean docuseries, K-pop Generation.

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Five years in the music industry, SB19 has consistently been on an unprecedented upward trajectory, proudly championing Pinoy pop music wherever they go. A global pop group sensation, that’s what Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin have become in their triumphant and vibrant musical career. With absolutely no signs of stopping anytime soon, their global appeal and success story take center stage in an episode of the South Korean digital docuseries, K-pop Generation, where SB19 is featured among other successful international pop groups. 


Earlier this year, South Korean streaming platform Tving premiered K-pop Generation, an online docuseries that covers various K-pop related topics including the industry’s hottest pop groups and self-produced artists. In a press release, Tving explains that their new show aims to shed light on “K-pop’s current influence and controversies surrounding it” with diverse perspectives from fans, international experts, and music critics across the world.

In its fourth episode, K-pop Generation zeroes in on K-pop’s global impact, which has led to the evolution of international pop music scenes like P-pop. “I think it’s the result of exporting Korean know-how; exporting the know-how and the platform,” says Japanese DJ and music critic Furuya Masayuki. “It’s localized in each country and region. We’re entering an era of creating new values.”

And there’s no other group that can best represent and attest to this than the ones who helped pioneered the new era of P-pop, SB19. Being the only Filipino pop group featured in the docuseries, it shows how SB19 has left an indelible mark in the global pop culture scene that it deserves to be studied. “SB stands for ‘Sound Break,’” explains Stell after an edit of the pentad’s historic and chart-topping successes. “[It means] breaking into the music scene here in the PH and also to promote Filipino music and culture to the world stage.”

As you already know, Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin have undergone years of training—the same type of priming given to K-pop idols—from ShowBT Philippines, a subsidiary of the South Korean entertainment agency, ShowBT. SB19 Pablo shares how their choice to join the company is inspired by the flourishing and successful Korean entertainment scene and its way of training its artists. 

In another statement that will make any A’TIN proud and teary-eyed, Pablo tells the story of SB19’s humble beginnings. “After a year we released our second single called Go Up, it also didn’t make it to the crowd as well. But after we posted our dance practice video on YouTube, someone posted it on Twitter and it got viral. And that’s the time when people started recognizing us. That’s also the time we named our fandom A’TIN. And so we’re really really thankful.”

SB19 K-pop Generation documentary

“Most of us had the same vision,” adds Josh. “We wanted to make a change in the industry.” Having consistently raised the bar of P-pop music with their undeniable talent and creativity, it’s just reasonable to say that indeed, SB19 has changed the game.  “That’s why we came up with the name ‘Sound Break,’” Josh continues. “It means breaking into the music industry in the Philippines and hopefully in the world as well. And I think that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re very lucky and fortunate that we’re able to do it slowly but surely.”

With focus on K-pop’s influences on the music industry, K-pop Generation has already featured and will continue to feature K-pop stars across different generations including ENHYPEN, Kangta of H.O.T, Leeteuk of Super Junior, Suho of EXO, Hwasa of Mamamoo, 2PM, TXT, IVE, and Le Sserafim. SB19’s K-pop Generation spot is one of the many proof that the P-pop idols are of global caliber and have greatly contributed to the growth and continuous development not only of Filipino pop music but also of the global pop culture.

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