Hands Up! 5 Reasons Why Josh Cullen’s ‘Get Right’ MV Has Us Hooked

Next stop? City of Angels!

Josh Cullen, LA vibes, palm-lined boulevards? We’re sold on this music video.

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Josh Cullen redefines the P-pop scene with his latest solo single, Get Right, released on December 15th. For his new release, Cullen ventures into uncharted territories, carving out a distinct sonic space that authentically mirrors his individual style and artistic vision. Dropped through Sony Music Entertainment, this electro-pop anthem serves as a testament to his artistic independence while maneuvering through the cutthroat industry as a solo artist.

However, it’s the music video that really grabs your attention, totally stealing the spotlight. It hooks audiences with its irresistible charm, cranking up the track’s contagious vibe. This musical masterpiece isn’t just a sidekick to Get Right – it’s like a spellbinding BFF, blending stunning visuals with a rich storyline. Curious about the hype surrounding Josh Cullen and this MV? Dive into the five reasons why we’re hooked.

A New Sound

With this banger, Cullen flawlessly blends the pulsating beats of EDM, the rhythmic flow of hip-hop, and the energetic vibes of hyper-pop, venturing into a sonic dimension that takes his solo stunt to the next level.

In a statement, he shares, “Basically, it’s a declaration of my return, confidently showcasing my understanding of the game. The lyrics reflect my resilience, self-assurance, and the realization of how the industry operates. It’s about asserting my presence, owning my space, and creating music that resonates with who I am as an artist.”

Cousins and Collabs

The song was written and produced by the SB19 crewmate himself, teaming up with his go-to collaborator, Ocho The Bullet, and singer-songwriter No Rome, who’s based in London. Talking all about the production process, Cullen shares how this dynamic duo truly stepped in to breathe life into the track, bringing his vision for the single to vivid reality.

“I was pretty much the brains and director of the process, but my cousin ‘Ocho’ really elevated things, surpassing my expectations. I might’ve pushed him a bit hard with my specific vision, which got a bit stressful. However, he went all out on this insane drop we’d been dreaming of. And you know what? The outcome exceeded all my expectations,” he explains.

Next Stop: The City of Angels

In the music video, Josh showcased a cool visual vibe featuring friends casually hanging out in the picturesque streets of Los Angeles, basking in the sun-soaked ambiance and embracing the city’s laid-back lifestyle. From cruising down palm-lined boulevards to capturing the vibrant essence of LA’s eclectic culture, the video encapsulates that carefree energy we all adore.

“I wanted to bring the visuals I’ve had in mind since we started making the song to life, and LA turned out to be the perfect spot for it. Yet, truthfully. YouMeUs and my team in LA exceeded all expectations. Despite being only three people in LA, their effort and discipline were monumental. They managed to make it look like a full-blown production with their dedication, imagination, improvisation, and hard work,” he said.

During the MV launch, Josh also disclosed that one of his favorite parts of the music video was his car scene. “Binurn ko yung gulong niya para maganda yung accelerate,” the singer said, feeling as if he was performing a scene from the hit film series Fast and Furious.

This Montage Moment? The Vibes are Vibing

While the entire music video is poised to make a splash online with its top-tier visuals and laid-back LA vibe, there’s a particular moment that commands all the attention. Yes, we’re all about that montage moment. Featuring a snappy sequence of Josh Cullen confidently striding across the street, it’s an aesthetic mic-drop rolled into one scene. Speaking of standout scenes, every time he tosses that cash? Consider us sold.

What’s Next?

With debut tracks WILD TONIGHT, Sino Ka Ba, and Pakiusap Lang, Josh is making his mark in the solo scene, rolling alongside fellow SB19 members FELIP and Pablo (so far) on this journey of individual artistry.

Looking ahead, Josh teased the possibility of dropping his solo EP album, hinting at a burst of creativity on the horizon. “You’ll be expecting a lot from me. I’ll be releasing my EP soon. Malay niyo hindi lang isang EP yung i-release ko for next year and I’m looking at early next year release date. Pero titingnan muna natin kung kaya ng timeline,” he reveals.

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