4 Reasons Why Dirty Linen Is Everyone’s New Favorite Teleserye

Time to binge.

From Janine Gutierrez’s acting to unorthodox cinematography, no-holds-bar story, and more, Dirty Linen is so far checking all the right boxes.

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Something seems to be in the Philippine air or water these days because Filipino teleseryes have been hitting differently. While there have always been good local TV shows, some have been criticized for their substandard quality, rushed nature, and uneven standards compared to international productions like K-dramas. But in the past year, a new breed of teleseryes have popped up, one that features more out-of-the-box storytelling with quality production. This could be seen in the hit series Maria Clara at Ibarra, and it looks to continue with Dirty Linen.

In hindsight, the Justin Besana-designed poster should have been a clue about the quality of this show. Ever since it began airing on January 23, ABS-CBN’s latest trending thriller has been getting rave reviews and attention even from people who don’t watch local productions. It’s a series that local entertainment needed and is the right step in championing Filipino productions on the global stage. If the hype has gotten you curious about the show, we run down just a few of the main reasons why Dirty Linen has been cleaning it up as of late.    


The casting director of the show needs a raise for putting together such a great cast. John Arcilla, Janice de Belen, Angel Aquino, Joel Torre, JC Santos, Christian Babbles, Tessie Tomas, Zanjoe Marudo, and more all in one show? Yes, please. Janine Gutierrez has always been a talented actress, and her turn in the lead role is really showcasing her versatility. Her ambitions, anxiety, eye movements, and nervous twitching speak for the audience.

The Fiero Clan is a family we love to hate brought to life by the talented Janice de Belen, Tessie Tomas, and Angel Aquino. Francine Diaz is such a baddie as Chiara, and we can’t wait to see her scenes with Seth’s Nico. We also love how the show is serving as the acting comeback for Jennica Garcia and two-time FAMAS awardee Xyriel Manabat. It’s a moment particularly fitting for Jennica as she revealed that she initially planned on becoming an OFW if she didn’t get cast on a project. There isn’t a single weak spot in the cast that all graduated from the mata-mata school of acting.


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When Dirty Linen began with the death of Olivia, the show hasn’t slowed down since as it builds its tale of revenge. Gone is the love story, and in is an armrest-clenching tale of a woman seeking revenge for her mother’s death. We can’t wait for Mila’s act of revenge to be put into motion, that is if the Fiero’s greed and malice don’t take them down first. At the same time, the show seems to be opening up doors that may lead to major arcs and revelations down the line. Series writers Bridgette Rebuca, Jayson Mondragon, Maribel Ilag, and Kay Conlu-Brondial are setting up what looks to be a very spicy story with a pasabog nearly every episode.


Family-friendly this show is not, at least when it comes to its depiction of mature topics. Already, we’ve had a few scenes of violence, blood, and abuse, but all were done within the proper context of the story. The show can and does get dark, which works in its favor. It should also be noted that Dirty Linen isn’t afraid to reference real-world moments. The Fiero clan may even remind you of a certain family in power. Injustice, social issues, and the like all look to be explored in this tale of David vs. Goliath. It’s the kind of un-sensitization that primetime needs while still giving relevant lessons to the viewer.


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It doesn’t take long to realize that the show is fond of using unconventional and dynamic camera angles, something we don’t see often in mainstream teleseryes. You can thank camera operators Michael Jacinto, Ronaldo Jacinto, and Dustin Uy for the show’s interesting visuals that go beyond your conventional cinematography conventions (FYI: they use a Canon C300 for the show). Dirty Linen’s editor Froilan Francia then puts all these shots together to form each cohesive episode. That timelapse and single-shot take of the Fierro’s Arena being built in the pilot episode is already one of the best things we’ve seen on local TV this year.

Leading the charge are the show’s directors, Onat Diaz and Andoy Ranay. From their time working on series like The Good Son, The Broken Marriage Vow, and Wildflower, the duo is helping create a production that feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air for Philippine TV.

At the end of the day, the success of Dirty Linen, MCI, and other shows is a win for the Philippines. Not only is it good in general to support local, but these productions are hopefully a sign for the things to come, not just a blimp at the moment. While the industry as a whole still needs improvements, this change is more than welcome. With the praise and attention that they are getting, it will hopefully be a sign to those in power that this is what the local entertainment industry needs.

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