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Find Your Real Voice On Social Media With These Sparkling Tips From Coach Sofia Quiogue

The algorithm will have nothing on you this time.

From tips, tricks, and truths, strategist Coach Sofia Quiogue will guide you through all things social media.

Back in the day, social media was built to not only simulate real time connections, but most importantly, to foster it on the exponentially expanding plane of the internet. Remember when the only concern we had on the less than a handful of apps were testimonials, custom glittered profile themes, and poking? Times have definitely changed, because what was once pure and simple has become a rat race of likes, reach, and engagement. Sure, the root of expression has long been muddled, what with all the layers of business and algorithm making its way into the seedbed of the system, but while this will forever be in contention, the reality is, this is what certain things evolve to. With all the shifts online, as well of its emergence and dominance in every context and conversation, we need help navigating the field. Enter Sofia Quiogue, social media manager and strategist.

While it can be extremely frustrating and challenging, especially for those who don’t necessarily subscribe to the nitty-gritty of the game, at some point, you will just have to catch up. Now, this isn’t a requirement, but if you want to grow and thrive in the landscape that everyone is wired to, you have to seek help and guidance from those who really know the ins and outs of many platforms, as well of the general behavior of the audience online. The key here is to keep people connected and engaged in an already very saturated, noisy, and at certain points, exhausting. All this is true and part of the cycle of social media, says Sofia Quiogue, or as people fondly call her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Coach Sof. But she insists that despite that, social media is where you can start building your mission and motivation.


The Social Network

“I know what it’s like to not have a voice,” shared Sofia Quiogue of her initial foray into social media. So, as she came into her own online, her purpose would soon become helping entrepreneurs express their authentic voice and increase engagement. “Your brand is a reflection of you,” she detailed at the NYLON Manila Career Fair Workshop. Pretty much like a relationship, “get to know yourself before you get to know your audience.”

Sparking curiosity, interest, and opinions all through her talk, Sofia Quiogue blazed through everything there is to know about social media. With tips, tricks, and truths shared, it was an insightful afternoon that brought back the conversation on the important things to consider: authenticity, quality, and stories.

Both technical and practical, Coach Sofia Quiogue really put social media in perspective. Whether you use it personally or professionally, there are ways to always make it better and efficient. After all, it is an innovation that you can use to your advantage in everything from growing a brand, carving out an identity, or amplifying a stand or advocacy. “People can sense the B.S.,” she asserted. This means that even if you have an intention but it is done for all the wrong reasons, you will not yield the results you want. “Your brand is a reflection of you,” she said. “Treat it like it’s a person.” And most importantly, she reminded everyone to not rush. “All good things take time definitely. Just go do it and keep those conversations going. You’ll find what works for you eventually.”

Here, Coach Sofia Quiogue breaks down how it is to start a brand on your social media platform.


“You have to make your audience fall in love with you. Itʼs about your audience, what do they need, why will they support you? You’re in a relationship your audience and you have to tailor make your content. Keys are: authenticity, understanding, community. Why do you fit the criteria?”


“You grow your market with highly-targeted messaging. Instead of talking to the whole Philippines or the whole world, you have to have a picture in mind of who your audience is. Your niche has to be unique, identifiable, and scalable.”


“Each post represents a brand promise or a piece of your brandʼs story. Make it cohesive with your brand. Highlight your goals and objectives. Create your content pillars. Reach your audience through different touch points. Keep your audience engaged. Prioritize conversations. [Don’t forget:] Call to action.”


“Posting everyday isnʼt necessary as long as youʼre consistent. Create content thatʼs relatable, valuable, shareable. Aim for the right followers.”

Watch Coach Sofia Quiogue talk about social media at the first ever NYLON Manila Career Fair Workshop: