rabiya mateo francis libiran gown coronation

Red? Blue? Nope. Rabiya Mateo Closes Her Miss Universe Philippines Chapter In White

Rabiya really said, ALWAYS. STAND. UP.

Francis Libiran talks about the change of color choice in Rabiya Mateo’s coronation turnover gown for Miss Universe Philippines 2021: “She’s not really there to compete—she’s there to pass on her legacy.”

While the Miss Universe Philippines crown has been passed, the legacy of the queen remains. Rabiya Mateo, a true queen that exuded grace and effortless elegance, made her farewell walk as Miss Universe Philippines in no other than a Francis Libiran gown that exuded unparalleled class. The white embellished gown that had a long cape complemented Rabiya’s body frame beautifully. Simple as it was, it delivered so much impact, especially on the catwalk.

francis libiran rabiya mateo gown coronation night miss universe philippines 2021

The former Miss Universe Philippines queen has been through it all, so it made sense that Francis Libiran opted for a white gown to symbolize new beginnings for Rabiya. The designer shared that he initially thought of extravagant details and around the colors of red, blue or yellow but changed his mind.

“She’s not really there to compete—she’s there to pass on her legacy. So, instead of going for the initial plan, I created a simple white gown with beaded art deco cut outs so that she will look effortlessly regal.”

According to Francis, it took him and his team three weeks to finish Rabiya’s gown. On choosing the silhouette, “There was a rush of inspiration instantly coming to mind. Do I create a blue gown or a red one? What style should I incorporate in the gown? Do I have to put in fancy details so I can make her stand out?” For a seasoned designer like Francis Libiran, it’s amazing to see how he’s still always 100% on point when it comes to details.

rabiya mateo francis libiran gown coronation

“Then, it hit me. Standing out isn’t always about shining or being loud about details. Sometimes even in dignified simplicity, you can be noticed by hundreds of people. It’s what I always tell my clients: being able to shine relies on how you carry yourself.”

Aware of how some pageant fans can be critical at times, Francis isn’t bothered by other people’s opinions on how simple Rabiya’s gown may be. “This is a beauty pageant, after all, where eccentric and sometimes outrageous gowns are expected to be seen,” shares Francis.

rabiya mateo francis libiran gown coronation

“Rabiya Mateo’s final walk symbolizes her readiness to embrace this new world. She has become an inspiration to many people. Without a doubt, success is on her chosen path as she is ready to change the world in her own way.”


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